Who Makes Top Flite Golf Balls

Who Makes Top Flite Golf Balls

Looking into the history of Top Flite golf balls finds that the business was founded in 1971 when it launched the first golf ball with the Top Flite trademark while operating under the Spalding name.

The first two-piece and multi-layered golf balls ever made were introduced by Top Flite. Callaway gained access to Top Flite’s intellectual property, production facilities for golf balls, and other brands, like Strata and Ben Hogan.

After nearly ten years, Callaway finally ended its relationship with the Top Flite brand when it sold it to Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2012. According to the purchase agreement, Callaway kept the Strata name and the Chicopee, Massachusetts, golf ball factory.

The 2-piece Top-Flite XL Distance Yellow Golf Ball is made to maximize distance on all shots, especially those taken directly off the tee. Its Distance Dimple Technology, which permits quick ball speed off the clubface and high launch angle, improves this.

XL Top-Flite 7000 Due to the distance dimple aerodynamics and Slickote coating, which reduces spin rate, Super Straight golf balls offer a similar distance to the XL Distance with a straighter ball flight.

XL Top-Flite 7000 Golfers can drive Super Soft balls long and straight thanks to their fiery core, which is similar to the XL in terms of distance off the tee. The XL 700 range’s low compression creates a softer feel for increased control on and around the green.

Are Top Flite Golf Clubs Good for Beginners

Are Top Flite Golf Clubs Good for Beginners

Top-Flite golf balls have long been regarded as one of the most reasonably priced solutions for recreational golfers, and you can never buy a pack of range balls without finding Top-Flites within!

One of the most well-known companies in the industry, Top-Flite Golf makes golf equipment, (1)clubs, and balls specifically for beginning golfers. Golf industry behemoth Callaway, which owns brands including Strata and Ben Hogan, previously owned Top-Flite.

Although there are better options available for golf clubs, Top Flite is a good brand for balls, junior golf clubs, and some accessories. The problem with Top Flite golf clubs is that they are designed for amateurs to players with high handicappers who are searching for a value-type club.

The clubs don’t feel great and can be a little hefty or even tremble a little at impact. In Dick’s Sporting Goods, a buyer took over management of the business and started selling clubs there and online.

Top Flite has seen something of a rebirth in 2022. Many new golfers began playing after the COVID pandemic. The outcome was a dramatic increase in demand for entry-level golf clubs.

Top Flite is maybe now more well-known than ever as a company that caters to these new gamers. As we already mentioned, Top Flite manufactures a variety of goods, some of which will function better than others. The secret is to locate a set that will fit both your golf game and your budget.

Who Makes Maxfli Golf Balls

Who Makes Maxfli Golf Balls

With a history that includes ownership by leaders in the rubber industry, Dunlop, and TaylorMade, a leading golfing brand, the Maxfli brand is well-known throughout the world for its golf balls in the mid-handicap and novice categories.

After being acquired on February 11, 2008, Maxfli eventually found stability within the walls of Dick’s Sporting Goods. We have additional resources for you to access, including our guides to the best Titleist golf balls, best TaylorMade golf balls, best Bridgestone golf balls, and best Wilson golf balls.

if you’re interested in learning more about the best golf balls from other companies to compare with Maxfli. One of Maxfli’s two premium golf ball options is the Tour X, however, it differs significantly from the Tour model.

The Tour X, in particular, has a four-piece construction and a slightly larger core. These design characteristics have been used to deliver low spin off the tee, giving it a fantastic option for players with faster swing rates.

However, the Tour X makes use of a urethane cover to offer sufficient control from 100 yards and in, and overall, it feels firmer than the Tour. Golfers created a little cult following for the original Top Flite Gamer.

But in 2017, DICK’S decided to concentrate on the three-piece, urethane-covered Gamer Tour rather than the Surlyn branch of the Gamer’s family tree. Even while you may have mourned the loss of the original, the $25 per dozen Gamer Tour was a good deal in the “kind of like a Pro V1” category that budget-conscious golfers find so alluring.

Top-Flight Bomb Golf Ball Review

Top-Flight Bomb Golf Ball Review
Top-Flight Bomb

This soft compression golf ball, the Top Flite Bomb, has a larger core. And believe us when we say that you’ll see a difference. Ball speed is improved and energy transfer is optimized thanks to the bigger core.

This essentially means traveling farther. The ball may get more energy from the club thanks to the increased core compression, which enables it to move quicker and farther.

There is a golf ball out there that has the characteristics you’re searching for, whether you want faster ball speeds, a straighter flight, or a higher launch. What is the best ball for you given the wide range of alternatives available? We’ll examine Top Flite, a well-known golf ball manufacturer with a successful track record.


Golf clubs and balls of excellent quality are produced under the well-known name Top Flite. Everything a golfer could possibly need is included in its full package. The tools of the Top-Flite brand are reliable, have good control, and are consistent.