Difference Between TP5 and TP5x

What is the Difference Between TP5 and TP5x

One of the most crucial items in your golf bags is the golf ball. It’s the one thing that stays the same in every photo. The golf balls must execute in each of those scenarios, whether you’re in full send mode with your driver, confronting a delicate pitch shot from a tight lay, flighting an iron into the wind, or sitting in a greenside bunker.

You can count on the TP5 and TP5x to perform flawlessly on every shot the course throws at you, but subtle variances make each ball a better fit for specific player types. Which golf ball is best for your game? Let’s find out by peeling back the 5-layers.

One popular belief is that golfers with higher swing speeds should always opt for lower spinning golf balls, especially with their golf drivers. However, this isn’t always the case. To maximize distance, launch, and spin must operate together.

High-swing-speed players with a low launching ball path may benefit from a higher spinning ball, which helps keep the ball in the air for longer and, as a result, provides more distance.

Choosing the correct ball entails determining which performance characteristics are most important to you. This simple guide will assist you in selecting the finest golf ball for your game. There are, however, no alternatives for knowing your game, your preferences as a player, and putting in the effort to thoroughly examine each ball.

TaylorMade’s patented 5-layer ball structure is the key to getting more speed without sacrificing spin performance. TP5 includes a bigger and more reactive Tri-Fast Core for maximum carry and minimum drag, as well as a Dual-Spin Cover with an ultra-soft, highly durable cast urethane cover for total tee-to-green performance. The result is a ball with a high launch, great carry distances, and a steep angle of fall for added stopping power – especially with long irons.

The HFM (High-Flex Material) used in the TP5 allows for faster ball speeds due to a larger rebound effect. HFM works like a tightly wound spring, storing energy and instantly rebounding to increase ball speed.

The TP5x Tour ball has a 5-layer design with four increasingly stiff layers contained in cast urethane, making it our fastest and longest Tour ball. It provides unrivaled performance off the tee and on the approach while maintaining a feel on scoring strokes.

TaylorMade is better known for its golf clubs than its golf balls, but two of its models, the difference between TP5 and TP5X, has created waves in recent years. On the surface, the TaylorMade TP5 golf balls and TP5X golf balls look similar, but their exteriors are what set them apart.

Both balls have received a lot of attention since their release, even from celebrities. There is a considerable difference between the Tour Pro series and the TP5 and TP5X models.


TP5 Vs TP5x

The TP5 is one of the best-performing golf balls on the market, and it’s designed for normal golfers looking for tour-level performance. The TP5 is suitable for golfers with a slower swing speed, as it has an 85 compression rating. This ball has a great feel and spins on the green side.

The TP5x has a high compression rate of 97 and is designed for players that swing at a faster pace. On the PGA Tour, professionals such as Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson use this ball, which promotes a higher, more penetrating ball flight. This ball is perfect for better golfers who can get the most out of a high compression golf ball.

The compression difference between these two golf balls is significant, which may be a deciding factor for many golfers. The TP5 has an 85 compression rating, while the TP5x has a 97 compression rating. This distinction is significant depending on your swing speed.

You’ll be able to get substantially more distance with the TP5 if you have a slower swing speed since you’ll be able to fully compress the ball and achieve peak performance. To maximize distance and performance, players with a faster swing speed should use the TP5x.

The new speed layer technology consists of four layers that get progressively rigid as the ball speed increases. The TP5 provides great greenside control and feel in addition to distance.

The TP5’s Dual-Spin Cover is extremely durable and provides an incredibly soft feel from tee to green.

Because the TP5’s 85 compression is a mid-compression, golfers with average swing speeds will be able to maximize their performance when using it. Apart from its high retail price, it’s tough to find anything negative to say about the TP5.

This model, according to TaylorMade, is a full-featured Tour model with superior ball architecture and exceptional all-around performance. When it comes to sophistication and complexity, the 5-layer structure is sufficient to demonstrate their advanced design.

In all models, the update stated above focuses mostly on the 4th layer. In comparison to the previous edition, this layer is 30% stiffer this time. This layer is constructed of a material known as High Flex Modulus (HFM), which allows for maximal impact speed. It works like a tightly wound spring that absorbs energy and then quickly rebounds it as you hit the ball for added speed.

The compression of the TP5x is above average. Players with above-average swing speeds (90 mph+) will gain the most from using the TP5x slow swinging players will struggle to compress it, resulting in poor performance.

Fast swinging players seeking greater height throughout the bag will benefit from playing with the TP5x, which encourages a piercing high ball flight.