What Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA

What Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA

By buying American-made clubs, many golfers hope to boost the nation’s economy. However, it can be difficult to find clubs that are authentically American-made. Let’s examine some of the methods used to create golf clubs and see whether any American companies are still producing clubs in this country.

Ping is the only significant golf club manufacturer left in the United States. Ping began producing putters many years ago and has since expanded and grown, producing the majority of its clubs in the United States.

The manner that which Ping has grown and prospered in its business has undoubtedly been influenced by key aspects of American club manufacturing. Which golf clubs are made in the USA?

This question is brought up by the fact that golf equipment manufacturers recently had to restructure their cost structures in order to stay competitive. China has “dangled the carrot” of affordable manufacturing costs to every industry, much like the automotive industry and many other global industries.

Many sectors have been compelled to look at reduced input costs to maintain their product prices due to the globalization of the world economy and access to more markets. Golf equipment is increasingly created in nations where mass production can keep costs low since the industry has been unable to avoid this reality.

Where are PXG Golf Clubs Made

Where are PXG Golf Clubs Made
PXG Golf Clubs

What golf clubs are made in the USA, maybe a common question. With 24.3 million active golfers and 268 or more Major Championship (1)victories, America is ranked among the top 5 golfing nations in the world.

It’s astonishing, though, how few golfers are aware of which clubs are American-made. Few golf brands have had as large of an impact at the top echelons of the game as PXG Golf.

PXG is a billionaire-backed company that was founded in 2014 and runs solely out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Its goal is to make the greatest golf clubs currently on the market. Currently, the company employs about 650 people in Arizona, including about 340 who were employed this year.

Despite the fact that the private corporation withholds financial information, Parsons said that PXG had significantly increased sales. It has around 550 international patents, many of which are for clubs.

Ping Golf Clubs Made in the USA

Ping Golf Clubs Made in USA
Ping Golf Clubs

When it comes to having 100% American-made items, Titleist is one of the most well-known golf brands. The headquarters of Titleist is in New Bedford, Massachusetts, while a production plant is located in Carlsbad, California.

They are now among the greatest American manufacturers of golf clubs. The foundation upon which the business was established and grew is the renowned Ping Anser.

Ping maintains its American heritage by employing many Americans in its production operations in Vietnam and Japan. Ping has to put their manufacturing operations in these nations due to the reduced labor prices there. This supports Ping’s ability to maintain competitive pricing.

One of the major manufacturers of golf equipment is PING. Its golf putters have been a dominant force in golf for almost 50 years, and their distinctive “ping” sound makes them easy to identify. Additionally receiving universal acclaim are its irons, drivers, and golf bags. PING is known for its pristine, no-nonsense excellence as a brand. American excellence. 

Where are TaylorMade Golf Clubs Made

Where are TaylorMade Golf Clubs Made
TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Which golf clubs are made in the USA? As with all sectors in modern times, golf club makers have had to turn abroad to cut manufacturing costs and stay competitive in the market.

Sadly, all of their top golf club makers have outsourced their production, but some of them continue to construct their clubs in the USA, so let’s focus more on those brands than any of the rest.

TaylorMade produces a wide range of top-notch golf equipment, including clubs, balls, and accessories like bags and gloves. Their mission is to make golfers’ time on the course as enjoyable as possible, and they do this with every one of their offerings. Are TaylorMade golf clubs produced in the USA, though?

In Carlsbad, California, next to Titleist’s headquarters, TaylorMade produces its golf clubs and balls. Their shafts and heads, however, are really produced in China and delivered to the California factory for assembling and quality assurance.

Where are Srixon Golf Clubs Made

Where are Srixon Golf Clubs Made
Srixon Golf Clubs

The fourth-largest golf brand in the world, Srixon is a Japanese company with a registered trademark that is run by SRI Sports Limited, a manufacturer of specialized sports equipment.

Srixon’s state-of-the-art production facility in Japan produces a wide variety of the company’s well-known golf balls. In addition to the facility that makes golf balls, Srixon also manufactures golf clubs in other locations around Asia and the USA. In Huntington Beach, California, the majority of its clubs that are sold into the North American market are put together.


Seeing the possibilities for golf clubs made in America can be discouraging. There are extremely few options available, and this is entirely due to the high cost of labor, real estate, and manufacturing-related laws.

For a business, it makes much more financial sense to outsource the manufacturing process while keeping the assembly in the country. The majority of golfers don’t need to worry about the manufacturing quality they receive from this foreign production.

The production facilities for Callaway, Cobra, Titleist, and TaylorMade clubs are well-equipped and are aware of the value of these manufacturing precisions. The club won’t leave the production line if it isn’t flawless. To guarantee that clubs are constructed of extremely high quality, a lot of product testing is involved.