How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag – (A Complete Guide)

A golfer’s golf bag should be well organized. Say you’re on vacation and playing golf with your friends. You are at your best and the game is heating up. All you have to do now is choose the right club.

If your bag is cluttered, you’re at a disadvantage. Also, what if you have trouble picking up the club? All of these situations can make you appear unprofessional.

14-slot wallets are becoming more and more popular. This is a win for golfers as it keeps your clubs organized and prevents getting stuck in the bag. But do you need so many dividers? As a newbie, does it make sense to bring a 14-slot pack?

This easy, step-by-step method to arrange your 14-slot golf bag was created by us. Follow our advice to keep your clubs at your fingertips on the course and where you need them on the course.

Clean and Empty the Bag

Clean and Empty the golf Bag

Make sure your bag is clean before putting any clubs in it. If you buy used equipment, you have no idea what the previous owner left at the bottom of the bag. Golf is a brutal and brutal sport. As a result, there are a number of professional-grade 14-slot golf bags on the secondary market.

If you look around you will find an old bag in good condition. Maybe some boss decides to buy the best equipment available. After going through the sport, they’re ready to throw away their bags and clubs or at least sell them to you at a hefty discount on the purchase price.

So, if you’re buying an old bag, make sure to clean it first. Shake it out by turning it upside down. Old tees and scorecards are likely to slip out. Remove the head from a vacuum cleaner. To remove dirt from the bag, place the vacuum shaft down each slot.

Organize the Bag Correctly

Organize the golf Bag Correctly

After cleaning the bag, assemble your belongings and prepare the bag for filling. The average golfer has six to nine balls in their bag, but no more than twelve.

The reality is that most players bring too much baggage onto the course that they don’t need. Because a 14-slot backpack is hefty, the simplest approach to lighten it is to pare down your gear to the essentials.

Take a dozen or so out of a bag of 5,000 t-shirts, wrap them in rubber bands, and put them in the bag. Turf repair tools and ball markers are in the same boat.

These goods add weight to the bag, so only take what you really need. Carrying ten divot repair tools is inconvenient and cumbersome. Keep your rangefinder in a separate pocket, and keep your divot tools and tees in the side pockets.

Sort the Woods and Drivers

Sort the Woods and Drivers

Let’s begin by finding a home for the Big Dog and his pals in your bag. Because your driver and fairway woods are the largest clubs in your bag, you’ll keep them at the back panel, farthest away from you.

When you put the bag on a cart, it leans towards you, making a tiered structure with the largest clubs at the bottom. When withdrawing the wedge or putter, you won’t have to reach over the drivers and risk snagging them.

When it comes to club organization, start with your driver in the bag’s back left corner. Place the 3-wood and 5-wood in the rear panel’s right-hand slots. You’ll have enough room for your fairway woods and driver in a 14-slot bag.

If you’re utilizing hybrids or have a 16-piece set, you can use the top driver row to double up on storage capacity.

Arrange the Wedge

Arrange the golf Wedge

The next step is to arrange your golf wedges. Most golfers with a 14-compartment bag will have enough room in their bag for a full set of wedges, or two or four in this collection.

Pitching wedges, bunker wedges, clearance wedges, and lobbying wedges all have their own slots. This design helps you keep everything separate so you can quickly get the right club out of your bag.

There’s no need to check your club’s toes to verify that you’re bringing the correct wedge for your shot. The wedge under the front row should be facing you. Start with the pitching wedge and move to the right, first the clearance, then the sand wedge, and finally the lobbying wedge.

It is critical that the lob wedge (1) ends up in the right front corner of the bag. The edge of the head has a “wedge” shape. By placing other clubs in the front slot of the bag, you can avoid damaging the shafts of other clubs.

In this forward-facing arrangement, the wedges hang from the front of the bag. Due to their location, they are not associated with any other clubs.

Wedges can also be easily identified on the front of the bag and above other clubs on the back. You know where to find your sand wedges in your bag when you hit the sand.

When you know where the lobbying wedge is in your bag, there’s no way you’ll grab it instead of the sand wedge by accident. All you have to do now is remember to put them back in the correct place after each shot.

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