How to Measure Putter Length

How to Measure Putter Length

In terms of golf clubs, the putter frequently gets the short end of the stick. And it’s not simply because it’s the shortest club in every set, in terms of length.

This club lacks the adaptability of a wedge and the strength of a driver. The putter, though, may be more important than any other club in determining how you perform in each round.

The data from a poor round will undoubtedly show that you put more than was necessary. And if you examine the statistics from a stellar round, you could have only used that club a few times.

The ideal address position involves keeping your eyes above the golf ball while keeping your hands below your shoulders and your elbows positioned on your ribs. And you can only do this if your putter’s length is just about perfect!

If you take too long, you’ll miss the putt to the left. You also miss to the right if you are too short. Yes, there is an issue here, but there is also a solution

How to Measure a Putters Length

How to Measure a Putters Length

The center of your putter should be flat on the ground as you hold it. Hold the putter so that its center is flat on the ground, regardless of whether your usual stance has the toe slightly elevated at setup.

After that, align the center of your putter with the bottom of your measurement tool. Now align the top of the grip with your ruler while keeping the measuring stick as near to the shaft as you can.

What Justifies Putter Length?

What Justifies Putter Length

When you need to make quick, light strokes to drive the ball into the closest hole, this golf club will save the day. Comparing a putter to woods and irons is absurd. The club head of a putter is flat, has a low, flat profile, and has a low loft.

Additionally, putters are the only golf clubs that have features like alignment stick or positioning guides, non-circular grips, and bent shafts. With a putter, shots are made from close ranges, or from quite near to the cup.

In general, this could be the putting green mat and occasionally, nearby roughs and fringes that are suitable for putting as well. This club’s length is important mostly because of how it influences your setup. The three components of the ideal swing setup are balance, center, and angle.

Your weight distribution between your feet should be balanced. You want your torso poised directly over the ball with your shoulders neatly framed and equally spaced on either side. A centered setup, that. Last but not least, you need to check that nothing is pointing in the other way to ensure that your angle is correct.

How to Measure Putter Shaft Length

How to Measure Putter Shaft Length

If you enjoy playing golf, you are aware of how important a good putter is. Use a putter that fits your size, stance, and requirements. The length that you require should be taken into account when measuring a putter. You can choose from a variety of specs after determining the length of the putter that is best for you.

Your putting stroke is determined by the length of your putter. Therefore, your swing arc and the golf ball’s trajectory would both be messed up if the length was off. This causes the ball to veer off course. But hold on, allow me to elaborate.

You should stand in front of the ball as you approach it with your putter. Put a comfortable forward bend in your waist so that your eyes are directly above the ball. Aim the putter at the ball so that it barely touches it while bending your arms at the elbows such that they are barely touching your ribcage.

The key to consistently hitting the ball at the right distance is speed control. You need a high degree of feel for great speed control. with a putter that doesn’t fit you properly, feel is impossible.

How Long Should My Putter Be

You’ll notice that the rounds with the lowest scores were also the ones with the fewest putts if you reflect on your worst performances. Although your drives will undoubtedly affect your overall performance, it’s much less probable that you’ll experience faulty drives on a regular basis.

The short game is the focus of golf, and your putting is crucial to getting the ball into the hole. Therefore, it goes without saying that choosing the right putter length is essential to your game.

You’re not the only one who may be uncertain about your putter length. We’re here to ensure that your putter is the right length and that you play your best games possible going ahead.

How to Size a Putter

How to Size a Putter

You can understand why putter length is important, but you may be wondering why it should matter to you. There are essentially two reasons why this should matter to you. The cost of a bespoke putter fitting is the first justification.

You can use these instructions to determine it yourself if you don’t want to pay to have someone tell you that your putter needs a 12-inch cut-off of it. You may also need to know how to measure putter length if you have a favorite putter.

You need to know the length if you already have a putter that you believe fits you well but you just want to upgrade. Of course, you could bring the putter to a nearby manufacturer and have them measure it for you so they can find another one that is similar, or you could learn how to do it yourself.

Comparatively speaking, measuring a putter is more simple than figuring out the right length for your irons and other clubs.


Although it may seem like an intimidating task, as we’ve explained in this how-to article, all you need is a putter and a few pieces of equipment to find the correct length for your putter.

Once you’ve determined the ideal length, you’ll need to spend some time selecting the putter that best suits your putting stroke. You won’t have to worry about the proper length when selecting a new flat stick again, whether it be a blade or mallet putter. Finding the ideal putter for your golf game might be unlocked by measuring the right manner.