How to Drive a Golf Ball 300 Yards

One of the legendary numbers in golf is Three Hundred Yards. If you have the potential to hit a drive of 300 yards, even if it’s only rarely, you can command near-universal respect, like breaking 80 or getting to a single-digit handicap.

How to Drive a Golf Ball 300 Yards

For a guy like me, a 52-year-old desk jockey with a handmade swing and the flexibility of a rigor mortis corpse, it is harder to do. When I catch one on a good day, it’s about 250.

But, there is a group of golfers who say they can hit the ball from 270 to 300 yards, a huge group of 90 and 100 shooters. Let me put it straight—No You Can’t! If some guys can’t hit it for 300 yards on the PGA Tour, you can’t either.

How To Hit 350 Yard Drives

There is the complete stepwise procedure

Step 1

Grip the club. This is one of the most significant phases of indirectly hitting the golf ball. You want the lead hand (the hand closest to your target) to have the thumb down and what is called a neutral grip just to the right of the middle.

Step 2

On the club, put your non-lead hand.

Pretend to shake hands with the club so that the non-lead hand goes along the side of the grip to do this. Your non-lead shoulder should be shown by the v between your thumb and pointer finger.

Step 3

Place your non-lead hand on the club.

To do this, pretend to shake hands with the club so that the non-lead hand goes along the grip’s foot. Your non-lead shoulder between your thumb and pointer finger can be shown by the v.

Step 4

Have your feet aligned. Since all work off the clubface angle, you can strike the ball with an open position (where the feet are opened to the goal), a closed position (where the feet are slightly turned away from the goal or a neutral position) as long as the clubface is correctly positioned (where the feet line up straight with the target).

Step 5

Start your backswing as you draw back, holding your clubhead inside of the ball. This will assist with issues such as an outside-in swing, a common fault that causes the golfer to correct or hit off the square on the clubface just before impact, causing sidespin.

Step 6

Hit the ball through it. You’ve done the job of grip and alignment. Your ball should fly straight, provided you do not have big swing faults.

300-Yard Drive Swing Speed

How to Drive a Golf Ball 300 Yards

Everyone wants to how to drive a golf ball 300 yards further out, and add pace to the swing. Because of what we see on TV in professional games, all of it has to be.

There’s no doubt that golf has developed into a power game at the pro level, and it all began with Tiger Woods rising to the top.

But it’s not enough in itself to just swing the club at 108 mph, Rice is easy to note. In order to maximize the amount of yardage they will get out of your swing pace, you need to hit the ball well and monitor factors like spin and launch, which needs guidance from a good club fitter and coach.

Average Golf Driving Distance By Age

Depending on a golfer’s age, the average golf driver’s distance by age can appear to change. This can be seen by the average drive of the PGA tour being 295 yards, and the average driver distance of the PGA Champions Tour (players are qualified after the age of 50) being 268.5 yards, an 8.9 percent decrease.

According to their users’ research undertaken by Game Golf, for every 10 years they get older, a golfer can decrease their average driving distance by about 10 yards by age.

Their study showed that an average 20 to 30-year-old golfer would have a total distance of 238.68 yards (not just carrying).

There is a lot of discussions these days about the distance from the driver and its effect on the game. This is not really a new topic, as when Tiger first made a splash on the pro tour, the same discussions occurred.

This leaves several amateurs questioning if they are reaching their driver far enough, apart from the pro tours.