Tips for Buying Golf Shoes – How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes

If you can’t find the right golf shoes, chances are you’re looking in the wrong place. How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes will match your style and fit the right pair of shoes. So before you commit to anything, consider the following essential tips.

What are the Key Components of Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are made up of functionality and style. And for you, both features are hard to find in a single pair of shoes. For example, you may find a pair of golf shoes that look good but they won’t necessarily fit you well. Or vice versa.

The trick is to measure your feet first before comparing new golf shoes. And here’s how to go about it.

Tips for Buying Golf Shoes

1. What’s Your Foot Type?

How to choose the best golf shoes
best golf shoes for flat feet

Have you ever stopped and considered your feet? No two people have the same foot type and/or pronation.

In terms of foot type, you can have a neutral, low, or high arch. It may not seem like it but the arch’s height plays a huge role in determining the correct shoe fit. This affects pronation because it refers to how your foot rolls.

If you have a high arch, your foot will slightly roll in- causing under-pronation. Are you know the best golf irons for game improvement.

If you have a low, or flat, arch, your foot will roll inwards aggressively, causing over-pronation.

And lastly, if you have a neutral arch, your foot will roll naturally in. This causes a normal degree of pronation.

2. Determine Your Current Shoe’s Condition

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes

Based on what I just told you, you can determine where in the foot type range do you fall in. You can do this simply by looking at your old shoes. Shoes tend to look flimsier as they age and become worn out.

By investigating how worn out your shoes are, you can decide your ideal fit.
If the shoes look worn out from all over, then you have a neutral arch.

If major damage has been done to the inner soles of the shoes, you have a low arch. If you have a neutral or low arch, what you need is the best golf shoes for flat feet.

If the outer soles of your shoes are excessively worn down, you have a high arch. If you have a high arch, what you need specifically is golf shoes for plantar fasciitis.

3. Types of Golf Shoes

Types of golf shoes

Between traditional and athletic golf shoes, which is your personal favorite?

Most golfers are often stuck between spiked versus spikeless golf shoes. But the real question is bigger than that.

Traditional and athletic golf shoes come with special features for golfers. Both styles improve performance and are tailored to flexible outdoor playing conditions.

Traditional golf shoes are classic and stylish. You can buy them in leather only. They’re functional, long-lasting, and reliable. And since it’s leather, they’re also waterproof.

Athletic golf shoes are not to be confused with traditional shoes. You can buy them in leather and synthetic fabrics as well. So they’re twice as functional and durable. Waterproof lining, proper air ventilation, and sturdiness.

If you ask me, buying athletic shoes is more versatile and profitable. They are very flexible and lightweight. And most importantly, leather shoes are not the most breathable. So if you’re looking for a good combination of functionality and style, go for modern, ergonomic athletic shoes.

4. Spike or Spikeless

spiked vs spikeless golf shoes

Spike or spikeless shoes have to do with improving grip. Both traditional and athletic shoes have both options. So according to the price range, there’s barely a difference at all. So that the decision to choose falls entirely on you.

I’ll give it to you straight.
Spiked shoes are more grippy and stable. But you can only wear them on the greens. But spikeless shoes you can wear anywhere. Spiked is heavier than spikeless. And when it comes to playing performance, both offer the same traction and agility.

My personal recommendation would be spikeless. But this depends entirely on your golf skills and foot type.

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes

Final Thoughts

It’s important to choose carefully the golf shoes you need to buy. There is no backsies in the world of golf.

Especially when it comes to golf shoes that could make or break your golf game. No matter how expensive your golf shoes are or how clean you keep them, they will wear out.

Thanks to research, golf shoe companies have created clever shoe designs. They not only look good but they feel awesome to play in.

If what you’re slipping into right now is not assisting you to play your best game yet. Then you should seriously consider reading these tips for buying golf shoes right away!

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  1. The best golf shoes will offer comfort as well as quality. They should fit your feet comfortably and feel like they’re designed to support your foot. You want to make sure you get the right fit, because if you do purchase a pair of shoes that aren’t the best, then you won’t enjoy the game much.


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