How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries

How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries

One of the most popular battery and charger queries is how to manually charge dead golf cart batteries when your battery charger won’t turn on. We’ve all been there, especially if you’re a snowbird! When you plug in your battery charger, which is usually for new batteries, nothing happens.

Golf carts are small, battery-powered vehicles that are frequently seen and utilized on golf courses. In some places, these carts are also used as utility carts. Multiple 6-volt or 8-volt deep cycle batteries power golf carts.

These batteries are made to be depleted almost entirely and again while retaining a high level of performance. Golf carts normally come with their own charger, although they can also be charged with a car charger. The idea is to match the charger’s voltage to the batteries’ voltage.

How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries

To access the batteries, open the golf cart. This golf cart has six 6-volt batteries and runs on 36 volts. Disconnect the batteries with the socket wrench so that they are linked in pairs.

Disconnect all other red positive battery cables to accomplish this. This results in three 6-volt battery pairs. Because you have two 6-volt batteries wired in series, the voltage of each pair equals 12 volts.

Take the battery charger out of the box and double-check that the voltage is 12 volts. Connect the outer positive and negative terminals of the first pair of batteries to the positive and negative battery charger cables, respectively.

When you turn on the battery charger, it will simultaneously charge two 6-volt batteries. Steps 2 and 3 should be repeated for each pair of batteries. Another option is to link the other two battery pairs in parallel with the first battery pair using additional battery jumper wires. This would allow for the simultaneous charging of all of the batteries.

The golf cart charger is the best way to charge a golf push cart battery. However, the golf cart charger may not be available at all times. Alternatively, if you’ve depleted your deep cycle battery system, the charger won’t even turn on (these chargers need to sense a minimum voltage from the batteries in order to work).

Golf Battey Indicator
Golf Battey Indicator

A fixed charging voltage, high enough to “push” energy (amps) into the battery pack, would be found on an earlier 48 volt charger. The easier this forcing process is, the lower the initial battery pack voltage (state of discharge), therefore you may see the amp meter (if provided) run up to the charger’s maximum output amperage and stay there for some time. The tougher it is for the 48 volt charger to force the amps in when the battery pack voltage rises, as it happens as the state of charge climbs, therefore the amp rate lowers.

Refurbished batteries may provide somewhat less performance than new batteries. However, the condition of a reconditioned battery is sufficient to complete your task. Many car owners, however, choose remanufactured batteries because new batteries are costly.

While the alternator in your vehicle can keep a good battery charged, it was never meant to fully recharge a dead car battery. If your battery is very drained, connecting it to a jump starter or a specialist battery charger either before or after a jump start is your best option.

How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries While Driving

Golf Cart Batteries

If you’re in the market for an electric golf cart, the first and most important item to consider is the age of your golf cart batteries. This is critical since many customers are misled about the age of the batteries in the carts they are buying. A consumer may be misled that the batteries are fresh when they are actually 3 to 4 years old by a private party or dealer.

The total amperage in a battery pack is more important to understand than the voltage. Let’s look at the link between Horsepower and MPG to have a better picture of what amperage is like in a car. A car’s acceleration and power are determined by its horsepower.

However, if there is no fuel in the automobile, the vehicle will not be able to travel. That is why MPG is so important, as is the size of your car’s gas tank. It controls how far you can travel before needing to refuel. Amperage in a golf cart is similar to the petrol tank of a car.

It will determine how far an electric golf cart can travel on a single charge. The higher the amperage in a battery pack, the longer you can drive before it needs to be recharged.