Top 3 Most Useful Golf Tips for Women – Buy the Best Golf Clubs

Buy the Best Golf Clubs

The game of golf seems appealing to more and more women. In fact, the popularity of the sport among women is growing by leaps and bounds. So it makes sense to find out that golfing events and competitions for female golfers have also been increasing. And that’s attracting a larger audience now than ever. Hence, … Read more

How to Practice Golf in the Winter

Practice Golf

In winter, it has to be determined and some imagination to practice the golf swing – while living in a cold environment. Freezing conditions and drifts of snow make it difficult to get away with chipping, putting, and long-shot jobs. However, you should avoid the drive to springtime leave your clubs. You will boost the … Read more

How to Grip A Golf Club Butch Harmon

Golf Club Butch Harmon

Ask professors who are the best coach on the planet and the response is probably Butch Harmon, the coach who oversaw the rise of the Tiger Woods, who helped consolidate Greg Norman as World No 1. Butch pointed towards players like Brooks, DJ, and Rahm for his next nugget, explaining that he would pick one … Read more

Home Quarantine for Golfers: Turn It Into a Positive!

Home Quarantine for Golfers

In the home quarantine situation (for the COVID-19 virus), more or less everyone is going through difficult times. As a golfer, you may not be the opposite. Mental stress doubles when you stop working outside, including playing golf. At the same time, your body will gradually lose the ability to fight any difficulties by sitting … Read more

How to Hold a Golf Club for Beginners

Golf Club for Beginners

The fundamental element of golf is the ability to maintain the right grip and stature in the golf club. It may sound easy to hold a golf ball, but it is an important skill for golfing. Your club grip affects your attitude and your swing. One of the most attractive features of golf is that … Read more

How To Play Golf During Pandemic in 2022

Top 7 Best Affordable Golf Rangefinder

Before starting a detailed note on the article, we briefly describe that there is a case to be made that the COVID-19 pandemic did not carry out a single positive thing. Follow the guidelines: Many people have lost loved ones, many people have lost their livelihoods and, during this depressing period in history, many people … Read more