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Top 3 Most Useful Golf Tips for Women – Buy the Best Golf Clubs

The game of golf seems appealing to more and more women. In fact, the popularity of the sport among women is growing by leaps and bounds.

So it makes sense to find out that golfing events and competitions for female golfers have also been increasing. And that’s attracting a larger audience now than ever. Hence, these golf tips for women to improve your game.

Every golfer, no matter the gender, wants to bank on their strengths and correct their weaknesses. The latter, more often than not, is made possible through the use of the appropriate kind of golf equipment.

Speaking of which, here’s the first thing that matters the most when it comes to compensating for women’s most common shortcoming on the turf.

One of the Most Important Golf Tips for Women – Buy Proper Golf Clubs

best women’s golf clubs

Be it what are the best golf tips for beginners? Or women’s golf how to get more distance? The solution always includes choosing the best women’s golf clubs.

And that’s because women golfers and beginners have one thing in common. And that’s slower swing speed.

When your swing speed is slower, you have to use clubs that feature a lightweight graphite shaft. Go for graphite instead of steel.

But it’s not just the shaft material that matters. Even shaft flex plays a huge role in terms of making up for the lack of speed in your swing.

That said, more flex equals better trajectory, accuracy, and distance. For women golfers with slower swing speed, there’s the Ladies-flex shaft.

But if your swing speed is above 100 mph, then feel free to select a stiffer shaft flex without any hesitation.

3 Most Useful Golf Tips for Women

golf tips for women
Most Useful Golf Tips for Women

1. Bending At the Hips

Instead of bending at your knees, why don’t you tilt your body at the hips? Because bending at your knees tends to ruin your posture. And an incorrect posture has a negative impact on your swinging power.

On the other hand, when you bend at your hips, you’re creating the perfect athletic ladies’ golf stance. One that’s pushing back your shoulder blades. Thus, making enough space for your swing. Along with striking the perfect balance.

But if you bend at your knees, you’re forcing the golf club into the unwanted up/down action. Rather create a more circular movement around your body.

2. Correct Your Grip

Be it the best golf tips for women’s irons or the best women’s golf driving tips, your grip plays an important part every single time.

Because your grip is the one and only contact with your golf club. And that means an unsound grip is inevitably going to lead to an incorrect swing movement.

Here’s the correct grip you should be using…

Place your club in the left hand. At this point, make sure that the clubface is squarely lined to the target line.

Don’t make the common mistake of holding the golf club inside the palm. It’s supposed to lie in your fingers. And this you can validate by spotting your knuckles of the left index and middle fingers.

You know the hand is facing toward the extreme right if four knuckles are spotted. And in the case of only one knuckle, it’s turned far toward the left.

Now it’s time to wrap your right hand around the golf club. Place the pad on top of the left thumb. This is when you should notice 2 Vs between your thumb and index finger on both hands. They should be pointing a little bit inside the right shoulder.

3. Swing Through the Golf Ball

Golf for women beginners need not be such a challenge. Not as long as your primary goal is to hit the golf ball powerfully, cleanly, and crisply. And you can only do that if your swing movement is fluid and relaxed.

Don’t excessively focus on hitting that golf ball. Otherwise, you’re only going to welcome an awkward, frantic effort with an uncontrollable, disappointing result.

Taking the golf club back confidently but, at the same time, slowly. And then simply just jerking that club down right from the peak of your golf swing. Thus, hitting the ball in a haphazard manner.

It’s time to ditch such a futile effort. Replace it with a more relaxed approach instead. So your golf ball jumps off your club with nothing but accuracy and velocity.


One of the most common and even effective golf tips for women is keeping your swing relaxed. Only then does the club unwind powerfully enough through the golf ball. And only then is the metallic sound of that clubhead produced as well.

The key to acing it all is practice and tons of it. Work on your posture, stance, swing, and every other aspect involved as much as you can. You have to free up the swing movement to generate a more dynamic flow through the golf ball.

And don’t underestimate the power of a correct posture too. In fact, improper posture is one of the most common reasons for the topped balls.

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