How to Clean Golf Cart Batteries

Clean Golf Cart Batteries

Maintaining a complete charge in your golf cart battery when it is not in service is a vital part of overall maintenance. There are a few safety precautions you can take before charging your golf cart battery. Although it isn’t mandatory to recharge your golf cart for each use, it is a good habit to … Read more

Best Electric Golf Push Cart for Hills

Best Electric Golf Push Cart for Hills

In recent years, electric Push Model Golf Carts have so far progressed that many of them simulate the benefit of a full-time caddy as your player. They are designed to facilitate the game and make it more stress-free golfing. They not only relieve the need for the sticks but also provide many with hands-free gesture … Read more

Best Golf Push Cart Under $100

The TGW Tour Golf Push Cart is the perfect choice for you if you want to be able to push your teams through the race quickly, have them useful to set your fairway shot and handle hard terrain easily. Honestly, this pushcart will be enjoyed by any golfer. You have your affiliate and you’ve lugged … Read more

Best Golf Push Carts

Best Golf Push Carts Golf Digest

When opening and closing a pushcart, if you struggle with the nob spinning and the lever pushing, the new choice from Bag Boy is for you. The Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart, the winner in our 3-Wheel division of the Golf Digest ‘Editors’ Choice award, has what the firm terms it’s Piston Technology. The pushcart, powered … Read more

10 Best Golf Push Carts

Top 10 Best Golf Push Carts in 2020

This guide will help you find what you’re searching for, if you’re about to buy the best golf push carts now, shopping tips to help you find the best cart, or just want a better look at what’s on the market. A cart that can provide 360-degree front wheel rotation provides the best mobility. When … Read more