Best Golf Ball for Slice

Best Golf Ball for Slice

A slice can be obtained from any source. The swing path is to blame for many golfers. Hank Haney, for example, can mend a slice in a matter of minutes. But how many of us have someone like that in our lives when things go wrong? None of us, because we’re trying to beat our … Read more

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

When it comes to finding a new golf ball, mid handicappers are in luck. For the mid-handicapper, there are a plethora of excellent choices available from golf manufacturers. They use golf ball technology to help these golfers get even more distance and forgiveness. For mid-handicappers looking for a perfect combination of value and results, we’ve … Read more

Best Illegal Golf Balls (2021)

Best Illegal Golf Balls

Some golfers play the game in tournament competitions to see how well they can. Other golfers are happy to enjoy the golf course only. An illicit golf ball might be a decent option if you don’t play at a tournament and don’t care about your marking or qualifying for an amateur championship. Here are five … Read more

How to Hit the Golf Ball Lower

Golf Ball

Being able to strike low, punch golf shots on the golf ball course will help you save par from a variety of tricky situations. On parkland courses, in particular, a good drive that lands only a few yards off the fairway will leave your next shot obstructed by overhanging trees and vegetation. Being able to … Read more

7 Best Indoor Golf Balls

Best Indoor Golf Balls

If you didn’t get the opportunity to take on several lands or to get a house next to a golf course then you’re the only way you can boost golf shots by getting a few practice golf balls. Golf balls for practice in a narrow area like home or backyard. Golf Balls are typically made … Read more

How to Drive a Golf Ball 300 Yards

How to Drive a Golf Ball 300 Yards

One of the legendary numbers in golf is Three Hundred Yards. If you have the potential to hit a drive of 300 yards, even if it’s only rarely, you can command near-universal respect, like breaking 80 or getting to a single-digit handicap. For a guy like me, a 52-year-old desk jockey with a handmade swing … Read more

How to Put Spin on Golf Ball

How to Put Spin on Golf Ball

The efficiency of the golf ball you are playing would also have a huge effect on your spin rate. I must say, however, that this is becoming less of a factor as there are many more alternatives available, and manufacturing efficiency has improved. In order to spin the ball with your wedges, you do not … Read more

Best Golf Balls for Winter

During the season, many club golfers play a premium soft urethane-covered Tour ball because they think it has a greater short game spin. When greens are hard-baked and going high, the extra control is thought to be useful. In winter, playing golf means frozen balls. However, your fun should not be compromised by the cold … Read more

Best Golf Balls for 70 Mph Swing Speed


In the golf world, one of the most decisive variables in the game is the swing pace. Not only does it encourage you to reach your full potential, but your consistency is much better when you design your clubs and equipment around your swing pace. It can be challenging to find the best golf balls … Read more

6 Best Golf Ball Shagger

Luckily, the shag bags were made for us golfers to aid in this situation. A best golf ball shagger is a hand-held, best-in-class ball recovery system used to increase the time spent on short game practice. It is necessary during practice sessions to be able to pick up balls easily without bending over, which means … Read more