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  • Justin Thomas Biography

    Justin Thomas Biography

    American professional golfer Justin Louis Thomas has been competing on the PGA Tour since 2015 and has a winning record. His victory in the 2017 PGA Championship is his most well-known accomplishment. He also held the title of the best golfer in the world for the twenty-first time. Thomas is a professional golfer who travels … Read more

  • Brian Harman Biography

    Brian Harman Biography

    A two-time PGA Tour champion, the 35-year-old is presently placed 136th in the Official World Golf Rankings. Harman has also established himself as one of the most reliable players in professional golf over the course of his career. So, in order to tell you about Brian’s early childhood to his current job, we at golf … Read more

  • Ryan Palmer Biography

    Ryan Palmer Biography

    On September 19, 1976, Rayan Hunter Palmer was born in Amarillo, Texas. Rayan is 45 years old as of right now. Rayan is an American and a member of the White ethnicity, according to their nationality. He was conceived by his parents, Gloria Palmer and Butch Palmer. He has therefore kept his parents’ financial situations … Read more

  • Min Woo Lee Biography

    Min Woo Lee Biography

    Min woo Lee , is an Australian professional golfer who was born on the European Tour on July 27, 1998. made the transition from amateur to professional at the beginning of 2019. He participated in a number of tournaments on the European Tour and enjoyed early success. In the Saudi International and the ISPS Handa … Read more

  • How to Measure Putter Length

    How to Measure Putter Length

    In terms of golf clubs, the putter frequently gets the short end of the stick. And it’s not simply because it’s the shortest club in every set, in terms of length. This club lacks the adaptability of a wedge and the strength of a driver. The putter, though, may be more important than any other … Read more

  • How to Add Water to Golf Cart Batteries

    How to Add Water to Golf Cart Batteries

    If the battery is of good quality, it can typically be repaired. First, check to see if the top of the battery has not been burned through. If there is, epoxy putty can be used to seal it up. Excellent goods are produced by Loctite. There is a lead slug, roughly the size and shape … Read more

  • How to Hit Driver Consistently

    How to Hit Driver Consistently

    The majority of golfers love to slam the driver with all their might in an attempt to send it 300 yards. If you’re anything like me, that usually leads to a ball that slices to the opposite fairway. In order to improve my driver swing, I performed some research and used some advice from Tyson … Read more

  • Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs

    Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs

    Costco sells Kirkland as its store brand, a relatively new name in the world of golf. Who makes Kirkland golf clubs if Costco is a retailer is still a mystery. For the benefit of readers outside of the United States, Costco Wholesale Corporation is a global, member-only company. As one of the top 10 Fortune … Read more

  • How to Pitch a Golf Ball

    How to Pitch a Golf Ball

    When they arrive at the practice facility, most golfers head straight to the driving range, followed by the putting green. They might hit a few green side chips while on the putting green mat, but you hardly ever see them whack hundreds of balls in the 30- to 80-yard area. Golfers aren’t actually encouraged all … Read more

  • What is an Eagle in Golf?

    What is an Eagle in Golf?

    A score of two strokes under par on a hole is an eagle, according to golf terminology. To eagle is to score two under par on a particular hole. Although they don’t happen frequently, eagles usually occur on par-5 holes. This is due to the fact that if a golfer starts the hole with two … Read more

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