Best Vessel Golf Bag

Vessel golf bags can be seen on golf tours all around the world, including the PGA Tour, where big stars like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth compete. Some people may not realize that Vessel makes a full line of golf bags to suit the demands of every golfer, regardless of how they play.

If you prefer to walk, the lightweight Vessel Lite Stand bag or the adaptable Player 2.0 are both good options. The special Lux Cart 2.0 golf bag is available to riders. The Vessel Players III DXR has ten compartments where you can stash your valuables.

Two magnetic drink holders are included with the DXR, which expand when full but compress when empty. The DXR dividers are useful and do not snag, which is an important feature. As a result, it’s the best stand golf bag for the year 2022.

The Vessel Prime Staff bag, used by Ryder Cup teams and the finest players in the world, is available to the most serious golfer. This guide discusses the benefits of each best Vessel Golf bag so you can match your playing style with one of Vessel’s best quality bags in golf.

Vessel Golf Vag Review

Vessel Golf Vag Review

The Vessel Player III stand bag is a superb blend of style and function, exuding quality and an elegant appearance. Personalization and great attention to detail increase the experience.

Vessel was one of the first of this new generation of bag brands to make a big mark. The brand quickly established solid popularity in the luxury bag segment thanks to its clean, minimalist aesthetic.

However, in recent years, this area has become more saturated, with DTC firms like Stitch Golf and heritage specialty bag brands like Jones Golf increasingly resorting to the internet. Even the major OEMs appear to have updated their bags with design ideas from Vessel and others.

The vessel had been attracting attention at the PGA Merchandise Show since 2013, but their initial influence on the business was difficult to observe. The Vessel brand was eclipsed by the corporate branding dominating the sides when Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, and others began to use their own staff bags.

However, the Carlsbad, CA-based corporation has made a considerably larger push into the general consumer market in recent years. More golf bag alternatives, as well as non-golf items like luggage and accessories, are part of this effort.

The velour-lined magnetic pocket positioned above the ball pocket, which has proven a favorite among the Vessel bags I’ve evaluated, is ideal for easy access to my range finder. Inside the long side, the pocket is a hidden compartment.

I found a valuables pocket and lock that could come in if I ever start winning money in my weekly games. The Player III’s outside pockets are all well-placed and have waterproof zippers with leather pulls.

The Vessel VLS’s understated appearance betrays its large storage capacity and intelligent features. There are five pockets in this bag. The magnetic pocket pictured above, which is velour-lined and suitable for a rangefinder, is my personal favorite.

A standard ball pocket, capable of holding two dozen golf balls, is located beneath that. A single zippered pocket on the left is spacious enough for food, sunscreen, or other small items.

There’s also a magnetic water bottle compartment that keeps it out of the way when not in use. A full-length jacket pocket with a rain hood and a smaller velour-lined valuables pocket are located on the right side.

Best Golf Bags 2022

Best Golf Bags 2022

The greatest golf bag won’t make you a better golfer, but it will make your life on the course a lot easier. The correct golf bag can drastically improve your game by conserving your energy and allowing you to focus on having more fun on the field.

We examined some of the most popular golf bags on the market to help you choose the best golf bag for you. Even the cheapest brands among the bags we featured in this post have a lot going for them.

We took each bag out on the course, putting them through their paces in golf carts, push carts, and carrying them as necessary. Take a peek if you’re in the market for a new bag.

The Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag is the ideal waterproof golf bag if you plan on playing in all types of weather. The bag is entirely waterproof, lightweight, and well-constructed, with dual straps that make carrying it a breeze.

Finally, as one of the most popular golf bags in America, the Titleist Players 4 Plus swept the best players bag slot on our list. This bag shows other players that you’re serious about your game, even if you’re not using Titleist clubs. It has a traditional aesthetic to it, as well as a lot of usefulness.

The Hoofer’s latest iteration does not disappoint. It’s still an excellent carry bag, weighing only 5.5 pounds, comfortable to carry on the course and compatible with both a push cart and a powered golf cart.

When mounted on the back of a golf cart, a pass-through for the golf cart strap behind the pockets is very useful because it allows the player access to all 11 pockets. The strap obstructs one or more pockets on most carry bags, making them difficult to access or even worthless.