Best Illegal Golf Driver (2021)

The illegally operating golf driver does not comply with the USGA criteria and does not meet the size, shape, or weight requirements. However, many golfers are preferred because of their ability to help you get a bigger distance drive.

Best Illegal Golf Driver

Virtually every golfer dreams of doing it regularly: they are driving more than 300 yards down the fairway. Unlawful golf drivers who do not comply with USGA requirements will certainly help players get further. Non-compliant drivers include a variety of extra technologies to assist golfers to reach long distances.

In these scenarios, you need an undocumented person, because he will force you on this; you can drive longer than usual. However, the downside, as they do not meet USGA requirements, you cannot use them in tournaments.

Although they are known as the best illegal golf driver, a number of them continue to be on the market. We selected our top five selections of the best illegally available golfers and were, therefore, an ideal addition to fun or casual games.

Below is also a useful buyer’s guide with all the tips we need to choose the best product.

Best Illegal Golf Driver (2021)

TaylorMade M6 DriverTaylorMade M6 Driver A fair price for the given features
It looks awesome at setup and trusts you with the ball.
Aerodynamic construction for drag reduction and greater velocity
Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long DistanceIntech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Shooter Straight
Currency value
Shaft lightweight
Pinemeadow PGX 500cc IllegalPinemeadow PGX 500cc IllegalWide region of contact
Easily adjustable
Currency value
MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Fairway Wood for Men and WomenMW8 Moon WoodAvailable in all forms of guidance
It’s very expensive
Also suitable for women

1. TaylorMade M6 Driver

Best Illegal Golf Driver

Thanks to many new innovations you can read about here, the M6 driver was designed for simplicity and forgiveness. We tried it with the same reliable premium golf ball against the outgoing driver of the M4 and Aldila Rogue 70x at Foresight Sports HQ at GC Quad.

TaylorMade does this by measuring every aspect of its product line and then consulting its cloud computer algorithm to determine the amount of resin that you inject, with a limit of 2g.

  • The inertia generator is a weight in and behind the driver’s head which creates a high MOI and fewer malfunctions
  • A mid-spin driver that is straight and high easy to hit and also can spin enough to work the ball at higher speeds around the track
  • Aerodynamic construction for drag reduction and greater velocity
  • A fair price for the given features
  • It looks awesome at setup and trusts you with the ball.
  • A plain club that works right from the rack for golfers who are more concerned with forgiveness than adjustment
  • Feedback and sensation are both lower than normal.
  • No weight adjustment
  • Better working clubs are available, all about speed
  • Button Red Price Check

2. Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance

Best Illegal Golf Driver

Intech Golf offers a colossus of 520cc, which is higher than the 60cc limit. The bigger head allows Intech to add forgiveness to a greater sweet spot.

Golfers must also make sure the spring is swinging easily. The Intec Golf has a lightweight Behemoth graphite shaft for a straightforward swing.

The big clubhead is a big boost for confidence. This non-conforming driver has a headcover to provide protection when stored.

An offset hosel encourages you to battle the fearful trench and gets as far away as possible without seeking a ball on the rough side of any hole, making it the best illegally driver for a trick. You should tackle longer and straighter drives with the offset.

  • Shooter Straight
  • Currency value
  • Shaft lightweight
  • Lightweight head Large spot of sweetness
  • Headcover standard
  • Property shaft lightweight
  • Options for lacquer loft
  • Better sound drivers are available
  • The quality of construction can be improved

3. Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal

Best Illegal Golf Driver

Including the newest technology, this is a good option to play with the Pinemeadow PGX Offset Fairway Woods driver. The Anti-Slice technology increases the offset on the face of the club, and the front edge of the face is compensated so that more and more straight shots can be achieved.

This driver can easily be lined on the tee with a large X and lime green alignment aid on the aerodynamically constructed matt black crown.

The right thing, looking at the clubhead requires optimal protection to avoid chipping the paint. Luckily, this comes as standard with a headcover.

  • Good lightweight and good quality
  • Sounds good and looks good
  • Wide region of contact
  • Easily adjustable
  • Currency value
  • Enormous “X” on the crown may readily distract the club from it and chip paint
  • Some users may want more robust drivers

4. MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Fairway Wood for Men and Women

Best Illegal Golf Driver

Even in tournaments, this golf club is also possible. This is the best club to test competing with your peers as a novice, who has begun to gain some bits about golf. It is designed to give you the ultimate experience you would have in a profile competition with the golf stars during the field.

The MW8 moon wood has gained popularity amongst handicapped people, designed for both men and women. If you have researched before, in other people’s reviews you have probably already found this fairway wood. It became famous because it allowed people to increase their trust even though they still learn to swing.

Many critics said that there is a lack of sensations in the MW8 Moon Wood. Whilst this is true, you must bear in mind that it was mainly intended for high disabled persons who prioritize forgiveness over sensation.

  • Available in all forms of guidance
  • It’s very expensive
  • Also suitable for women
  • Low gravity center that gives a high distance
  • Not easy for beginners to use
  • As made from timber, it is not very durable

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