From the rough case to a material that absorbs the blows from those sloppy luggage handlers while shielding your sticks, the best golf travel bags have moved.

While the key priority of a travel bag is security, ease of travel should also be considered.

Best Golf Travel Bags

Travel bags for golf have followed trends in luggage. The way to go is with flexible spokes. Some only have two and most have six.

No matter how many wheels the design has because travel is stressful enough the wheels must work with ease. No need for poorly designed wheels to be added to the mix.

1. Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Best Golf Travel Bag

The Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Travel Bag has plenty of room and a nice spacious interior to keep your clubs secure and is a nice entry-level bag that is perfect for golfers looking for a fast fix.

The Amazon Basics bag features sturdy holding and moving handles, an outstanding two-wheel mechanism that is smooth for fast-rolling, and a deeply padded top that in the case of heavy impact, secures your clubs.

Key Feature

  • Made of a tough nylon fabric that manages the rigors of travel well, water-resistant
  • The rolling method is smooth and convenient for fast travel in airports.
  • One of the best additional compartment bags with several storage pockets
  • Made of 1600D nylon fabric, durable, waterproof; stands up on its own when carrying a set of clubs
  • Thick padding to cover stored clubs all around; some zippered

2. Caddy Daddy Constrictor 2 Golf Travel Bag

Best Golf Travel Bag

Caddy Daddy markets strengthened tension points, heavy-duty curbs bars, and riveted handles for added power, but if you stack the Caddy Daddy up side-by-side to higher-end soft travel bags such as the Club Glove Last Bag, you can soon see the distinctions.

You will not get the amount of reinforcing in the bag for the less costly Constrictor 2 that you will find in others.

Key Feature

  • To provide protection, two restraining straps with buckles on the outside, including one around the club heads and one around the middle of the bag (which had a disappointingly short strap for buckling up once you have added an extra gear
  • Four handles in total: one at the top of the case, two in the center of the velcro bag, and one at the base of the bag.
  • To have club head prot, a fairly thick 3/4″ padding around the top 18″ of the bag
  • A powerful and robust golf travel bag that does a great job of safeguarding your clubs
  • An internal harness that prevents the bag from rotating and slipping inside the exterior of the travel bag
  • Additional padding is useful for shielding your clubs from physical touch on your journeys.

3. Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

The Himal Soft-Sided travel bag is extremely compact with an extra pocket in the front, perfect for the truck. You’ll never worry about getting trapped or having a problem with getting the bag to its ultimate destination, even though the wheel mechanism is a little thin.

If you walk a lot on the links, this is a solid alternative and stands as one of the best golf travel bags.

Key feature

  • The innovative concept of the smooth zipper can be used many times. The high-quality wheels make your ride easier and more relaxing.
  • The travel case itself comes with a fluffy pillow and handles for the golf bag. Both at the airport and at the station, the velcro carrying handle is especially handy to help hold the golf club travel bag.
  • Himal gives a genuine promise of fulfillment and if there is any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian Golf Travel Bag

The Meridian awarded the 2016-2018 Golf Digest Editors’ Pick for Travel Bags, which minimizes the hassle of flying with your golf gear.

Your clubs are covered by thick foam padding across the top of the bag; the leg mechanism carries the weight of the bag, and the pivoting wheels make the bag incredibly maneuverable. It is almost effortless to pull a loaded Club Glider.

Key Feature

  • The four-wheel system is outstanding, giving plenty of ease and flexibility in a number of conditions.
  • The zipper device locks the bag incredibly well, leaving the golfer assured that the bag is secure.
  • For outstanding damage security, internal straps hold the golf bag secure to the external shell.

5. OGIO Mutant Golf Travel Bag

The OGIO Mutant Travel Bag is the alpha male of all golf travel bags, an unnatural, awesome construct of monstrous proportion.

The cavernous padded main compartment, notorious for swallowing whole golf bags, holds your clubs secure and protected.

Key Feature

  • Spacious interior with plenty of room for your clubs and any extra items that you need to take to the course
  • A comprehensive two-wheel framework backed by two powerful front pegs that provide stability to the Mutant while standing
  • When traveling in airports, padded compartments around the club heads avoid overt impact and protect clubs

6. SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Bag Case

This case is designed to provide optimum security for the most common standing bags.

Molded from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the material required for cases and containers by the U.S. military, and made to meet or surpass ATA 300 Category I – the highest standard for shipping containers.

Key Feature

  • The extremely powerful shell that locks your clubs in and offers outstanding impact defense
  • Tall enough for long clubs such as 48-inch drivers or tall umbrellas to handle
  • The case has an excellent seal with locking mechanisms to hold your clubs free from soil and rain.

7. Ping Golf Travel Bag

In something other than the most durable, easy-handling travel cover out there don’t transport your PING clubs through airports. Simple rolling filled with packaging, and able to accommodate all the way to full-size cart bags for carrying bags.

Key Feature

  • External dimensions: 53 inches L x 17 inches W x 14.5 inches D
  • Suitable for carrying bags up to full-size cart bags
  • For fast lifting from any angle, 6 handles
  • Upright or tilted with 4 Urethane Wheels Maneuverability (2 inline, 2 swivels)
  • Zip-off, Front Pocket Adjustable
  • Skid rails that interlock ride smoothly over curbs
  • 1200D Polyester Rugged Content
  • Prone to Abrasion
  • The high foundation of polypropylene
  • Requires Storage Bag

8. Club Glove Travel Bag

The revised edition of Burst proof with Wheels is a prolific seller. For most stand packs, this collapsible premium fitted bag is ideally sized and remains the number one travel bag in collegiate golf.

Nearly every traveling professional and college player uses a club glove because of her.

Key Feature

  • Reliable and durable ITW Nexus buckles and YKK zippers
  • Patented plastic high-impact wheelbase with incorporated protection and ultra-high 70mm 78A rebound inline skate wheels with smooth and silent transport bearings
  • For quick loading, over the top zipper
  • Integrated carry handle, patent-pending, combines with Train Reaction

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