Best Golf Irons Ever

Best Golf Irons Ever

The best irons in the past ten years are a thing of beauty that should only really be considered by achieved ball-strikers. Why? 

Because best iron sets ever tend to have a smaller head size, a heavier shaft, a smaller cavity, and a weaker loft all leading to a club that is less forgiving to hit.

Best Golf Irons Ever

Even if you are good enough to use the best-forged irons of all time, there’s nothing to say you have to.

But, as your game improves and self-confidence increases, many golfers feel the need to announce their arrival with a set of irons worthy of a nice player. 

For those blessed with a great degree of ball-striking, these irons tend to feel more flexible, sound crisper and give more feedback than game-improvement and super-game-improvement golf irons.

Here are some best irons of all time.

1. Callaway Big bertha 2019 Irons

Callaway Big bertha 2019 Irons

The Big Bertha 2019 irons aim to get the weight low and back to launch the ball longer, connected with a faster face to give you the launch, speed, and distance that super game improvement irons are renowned.

Everything about the Big Bertha iron 2019 has been designed for distance and speed. At 26°, the 6-iron loft is very strong, although it is the same as the Rogue iron. The KBS Max shaft is 0.25 inches long and the swing weight a touch lighter, but this also supports flight the ball higher.

The feel off the face is amazingly hot and very solid, almost metal wood-like, and even poor strikes achieve good yardage. The very low spin won’t be useful for everyone; Rogue seems to be more playable for a wider spectrum of golfers and a little more affordable.

In short, Callaway big bertha 2019 is one of the best game improvement irons of all time.

2. Callaway’s Rogue Irons

Callaway’s Rogue Irons

Callaway’s Rogue Irons are designed for the everyday golf players and packed full of forgiveness.

According to Callaway, it is the hottest iron face they’ve ever designed, with the same levels of flex as a driver over a larger area than ever before. The new microsphere element in the internal cavity acts like a sponge, offering enhanced sound, feel, and feedback in a cavity-back iron.

These Irons are the best combination of distance, accuracy, and playability ever in a Callaway iron with 360 Face Cup and VFT, multi-material structure, and Urethane Microspheres.

The lofting and general size of this iron implies it is designed to offer distance and forgiveness to the mid-to-high handicapper, and it delivers on that.

The Rogue iron has a large profile at address with lots of meat behind the ball without looking fat, while the double white score lines at the bottom of the face assist with alignment.

This contrasts clearly with the Rogue Pro, which has a much lighter finish and is substantially more compact in size and established in overall appearance, appealing to more competent ball strikers.

These irons are the best looking irons of all time.

3. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

The Cleveland Launcher HB irons have been designed for players who need a little more forgiveness in their shots.

Just in case you favor hybrids over irons or your game needs another level of forgiveness Cleveland has created the Launcher HB just for you.

Their engineers say this iron set delivers hybrid-like forgiveness and trajectory in a set of irons – and insist they are the easiest set to hit in golf.

The Launcher HB Irons are the most forgiving, easiest iron sets of all time to hit in golf, and it starts with the full hollow structure.

There’s no doubt that wider body hybrid heads offer extra forgiveness over regular and traditional irons, and that describes why the HB is the only model here to receive a forgiveness rating of five. The head is pulled from toe to heel, and there’s a wide sole with low and deep weighting which adds to ultimate forgiveness.

4. Taylor Made Golf P790 Iron Set

Taylor Made Golf P790 Iron Set

The first P790 was a huge hit for Taylor Made. It was one of the first of a raft of hollow compact distance irons that came in an ambitious, blade-style look.

There was much to admire, notably the ball speed and distance from what was a comparatively compact iron set.

The new P790 has not improved a great deal visually but there is a fair number of new tech which you can read about here. It’s a little soap looking from the back. The full Taylor Made logo has changed to the ‘T’ logo in the corner and it now has a shiny sole section.

If you have got a set of the original P790 irons you don’t need to rush to improve to the new model. There are some marginal gains to be had so if you were tamped by the original P790 but did not bite the bullet, your patience looks to have been somewhat rewarded.

5. Callaway Golf 2021 Mavrik Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

The step-up in size from the MAVRIK Pro irons to the standard MAVRIK is important.  These irons have a lot of offsets and a very thick top line. At address, these irons are very close in looks to the MAVRIK MAX irons.

In the bag, the standard and MAX irons are nearly the same. The sole of the MAX is wider than Pro, but the cavity is the same in structure.  There are only two lines of the trademark orange, but it’s enough to give the cavity some character.

These irons do not lie to you when you miss-hit stoke.  Hitting the ball on the heel or toe does not feel or sound better, which is as it should be.

The MAVRIK irons vary from the MAVRIK MAX irons in two major ways.  

First, the MAVRIK has stronger lofts 2 to 3 degrees stronger throughout the set.  For most, that’s going to mean a little more ball velocity, lower launch, and less rotation. That should mean more distance in the short and mid irons but it may produce gapping issues in the long irons.  

Make sure to get right.  The other key difference is that the MAVRIK does not have a strong draw preference of the MAVRIK MAX.  The MAVRIK does like a draw thanks to the offset, but fades and cuts are in play, too.

For the golfer that needs to reclaim some lost distance or just make the game more accessible, the Callaway MAVRIK irons need to be part of the instrument.  These irons have shots of ball speed no matter where on the face you strike the ball.

6. Taylor Made SIM Max Irons

Taylor Made SIM Max Irons

The new SIM Max is the more miniature of the brand’s two new game-improvement irons for 2021. These are the best golf iron 2021. 

It lies in between the outgoing M-5 and M-6 in terms of size. There are the large sole diameter and hitting areas with noticeable offset and a thick topline inspiring trust over the ball for the variable striker.

The SIM Max OS has a larger outline overall with a higher topline and more offset, making it look a little more attractive to hit.

The SIM Max does rotation around 300 rpm less than M-6 that matched with a more powerful launch but SIM Max launched a division lower, although strike may have played a part here.

The SIM Max OS has a 7-iron loft of 27° and consequently gave the ball out there five yards further than SIM Max with around 300 rpm less spin and interestingly on a related launch and flight. Much of the distance increases will be down to the stronger lofts but the SIM Max offered more assistance on off-center hits.

On the face of it, there is not much between SIM Max and M-6 but wherever SIM Max transfers things on a level is in the sound, feel, and forgiveness. Where the M-6 allowed a loud, explosive, and firm sound off the face, the SIM Max gives the same power more subtly, feeling closer to the P790 than a game improvement club.

You will found it very easy to control direction with the SIM Max. If you can return the clubface to square at impact you’ll be compensated with an accurate iron shot, even if you hit the heel or toe.

7. Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Iron Set

Cleveland relaunched some years ago as an unabashed game improvement brand of irons, keeping Srixon’s better player offerings.

These progressive sets aren’t easy to pull off. With a mixed set a SGI 4- through 7-iron and a GI 8-iron through PW, for example, you often get a weird 7- to 8-iron development and some potential gapping issues. With UHX, Cleveland is trying to match the set for both flow and performance in their new brand.

The Cleveland Launcher UHX irons are meant to give a distance, accuracy, and forgiveness with hollow long irons cavity-back short irons.  The UHX irons stole a page from parent company Srixon with their popular driving iron design.  The Srixon U85 utility iron is helpful in the design of UHX.

UHX Hollow long irons managed more forgiveness by pushing weight lower and deeper in the club-head.  The Cavity Back short irons present more control that allows you to hit more greens.

Cleveland designed the UHX with a shifting high strength HT1770M steel face insert that allows faster ball speed and the larger winning spot on off-center hits.  

The V-Shaped Sole enhances turf cooperation and helps maintain clubhead speed through impact.  Cleveland utilizes their Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling for maximum spin and regular control from the long hollow irons through cavity-back short irons.

Cleveland created one of the best deals with a high-performance and lower price point in the Launcher UHX irons. Anyone looking at a new set of the hollowed-out irons should at the very least get a few swings with the UHX. 

The iron looks and feels great and gives the fastest ball speed and a great distance of the irons examined. These are the best iron sets ever.

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