There is nothing better than playing a game of golf with those nearest to you on a warm summer day. The sun on your skin feels amazing, the emerald green fairways are punctuated by blue skies, and the business is hard to beat. The golf gods are sometimes looking down and rewarding you with good fortune and a score to remember.

But, despite all that equipment and the beautiful environment you find yourself in, there’s one thing that can ruin your whole experience in a heartbeat, sweaty hands. Now you know how critical golf grips are and this equipment is ignored.

While many individuals have their own ways of dealing with this, it can always be handy to have an excellent grip. For sweaty hands, the best golf grips for sweaty hands can make the best shots easier to play.

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

We have mentioned some top grips in this article that can be added to any golf club. Your golf clubs will never fall out of your hand with one of these grips, and we have built them in some elite clubs. To help you understand some of the fundamental tenets of golf grips, we have a brief buyer’s guide.

1. Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Grips

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

The Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound grip combines rubber and rope to create a perfect match. The unique black velvet rope provides firm, all-weather control for your hands, while high-performance rubber provides excellent comfort and responsiveness for hands.


  • 100 percent rubber
  • The Imported
  • Golf Pride’s most common mid-size grip for bigger hands
  • Grip Most Common
  • For larger hands, Midsize
  • Golf Pride’s most common grip in midsize for larger hands
  • Grip Most Common
  • For larger hands, Midsize

2. Winn Dri-Tac Grips

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

With exceptional support, this mid-size Dri-Tac grip offers all-weather playability. Slightly wider, for pain-free playability, these midsize grips often offer additional shock absorption advantages. It brings great visual appeal to the black & blue color combination.


  • Rubber
  • The Imported
  • Winndry’s Substance Polymer
  • Convenient feeling with outstanding non-slip performance
  • Conditions for All-Weather

3. Pure DTX Grips

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Our most aggressive grip provides double texture for maximum control! The innovative PURE DTX grip combines the technology of PURE Grips’ proprietary PURE Tack rubber compound and sharp contrast texture to bring the ultimate performance and connectivity to your club.


  • The core diameter of 600′
  • Circle Around
  • Accessible norm, midsize
  • Tacky-Perforation of Light
  • 100 percent Patented Mix of Rubber
  • Feel-Firm Business

4. Champney MCS Grips

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Our unique brushed cotton thread combines moisture-wicking cotton fibers into a new soft rubber material to improve stability and grip in any situation.

They used 2 kinds of rubber materials to make an extra wrap on the lower handle. This reduced taper provides a lighter grip, which reduces the tension on the hands and produces more power during the swing.

The soft micro-texture of the grip increases traction and comfort, and combined with the molding performance, you can easily enjoy golf in any situation.


  • BRUSHED COTTON THREAD TECHNOLOGY – Our patented Brushed Cotton Cord fuses moisture-wicking cotton fibers for improved durability and grip in any condition into a new soft rubber material.
  • WRAP2 TECHNOLOGY – We used 2 types of rubber materials to produce additional wraps in the lower handgrip, this decreased taper provides lighter grip pressure, facilitates less stress in the hands, and allows more swing strength.
  • TEXTURE CONTROL-The soft micro-texture of the grip improves traction and comfort.

5. Lamkin UTX Grips

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

UTx is specially developed for athletes with higher swing speeds, can obtain excellent traction in a firm full rope grip, and is designed to provide longer and more stable shots.

Its three-layer technology combines three unique materials to provide excellent torsion control and excellent vibration reduction.


  • Form of Product: GOLF CLUB
  • Weight of Package: 0.054 kilograms
  • Dimensions of the package: 2.3 L x 6.5 W x 28.3 H (centimeters)
  • Made with Tri-Layer technology, to create the perfect-feeling grip, combining three special materials.
  • The softer ACE basis for greater ease and feeling.
  • Weave wicks moisture with full-cord fabric and improves grip traction.
  • Superior torsion regulation and vibration dampening are supported by a firmer outer layer of ACE material.

Best Golf Grips for Humid Weather

The 90-degree temps have now entered the Southeast and frequent thundershowers and crushing humidity come with that.

During these wet & humid conditions, keeping a firm grip on your golf club can be a difficult job, which is why we have mentioned the Top5 Golf Grips for wet & humid conditions.

6. Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Combining high-performance technology with a gentle, tacky feel, the CP2 Wrap uses the exclusive Control Core technology from Golf Pride, an internal core stabilizer specially designed to minimize torque.

In all weather conditions, a reduced taper design allows for even grip pressure in each hand and a smooth, high-traction surface enhances grip.


  • Technology for High Efficiency.
  • New technologies from Control Core for improved stability.
  • For players who are looking for a lighter feeling that really gives warmth.
  • The available undersize, regular, midsize, and jumbo sizes are

7. Avon Tacki-Mac Pro D2X

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

The Avon Pro D2x is a dual molded compound golf grip in a dual-color style with a strong upper and softer rubber lower section.

Comfort, input, and feeling for a true connection between the player and the club are combined in the firm rubber, all-weather lower area.


  • Golf Pride and have a supple feel on a long-lasting wrap design
  • Comfort design

Forward Golf

With a built-in alignment technology that lets you take a steady hold on the ball, Forward Golf grips are slightly tacky.

In any weather conditions, the unique raised chevron pattern funnels moisture away from your hands to allow you to maintain a firm grip on the club.

The forward golf grip completely changes the design of the putter grip, placing more grip material above the shaft.

The unique shape puts the hands in the ideal position and combines the arms, hands, and the putter to form a more balanced and consistent stroke.

LamkinCrossline Full Cord

To deliver optimal control and shot input, the best-selling Crossline pattern is paired with full-cord coverage.

The Crossline Full-Cord is a favourite among top professionals and Tour players, acclaimed for its excellent success in all weather conditions.

In order to provide optimum control and shot input, Lamkin’s best-selling Crossline pattern is paired with full-cord coverage and performs well in all weather conditions.

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