I’ve finally found the right best golf gloves for hot weather after countless hot rounds in the tropical Southeast Asian heat. Not just the right gloves, but even the best methods that last all year long to make them last.

And if you keep reading, by playing the right gloves and looking after them the right way, you can find out just how I save myself shots on the golf course but also loads of money.

Best Golf Gloves for Hot Weather

Using a golf glove for wet weather is the best and weirdest thing I have attempted and works wonders! Think about it though, it makes sense to have a glove built for the wet when your hands are getting wet from sweat.

1. FootJoyWeatherSof

Best Golf Glove for Hot Weather

The world’s #1 selling golf glove combines groundbreaking efficiency with maximum longevity with a consistent, soft feel. More than 90 million gloves from WeatherSof have allowed golfers to play in all weather conditions at their best.

In the United States, one in every five golfers prefers WeatherSof’s technologically advanced model. For all liquids, rainwater, and sweat, the glove works. It handles liquids better than other gloves on the market and they are my first option in the heat and rain of Thailand.


  • Extraordinary fit
  • Secure closure
  • Breathable mesh

FootJoy tells us 20% of golfers use the strangely misspelled WeatherSof golf glove. It’s made with leather patches on the thumb and the meaty part of your palm while the rest of the glove is a highly durable synthetic material.

  • In rain and sweltering sun, superior grip
  • Outstanding value for money pricing
  • Really flexible on the knuckles with PowerNet mesh
  • Stays relaxed without the stiff crusty feeling
  • They can be less resilient when playing more than once a week,
  • Available in white only

2. FootJoyRainGrip Glove

Best Golf Glove for Hot Weather

The Rain Grip uses Auto-suede for superior grip on the palm and index fingers, while FootJoy has placed a QuikDry synthetic material for immense breathability on the back of the glove.

When the glove gets wet, fibers on the Auto-suede are initiated to stand up, effectively enhancing the grip on the club.


  • Wet-weather grip
  • Quick-dry comfort
  • Precise fit
  • Sold in pairs
  • Grip strengthens when the glove gets wet
  • When it’s sticky, light, and easy to get on and off.
  • Best for humid, very hot weather
  • Stays relaxed without the stiff crusty feeling
  • Includes right and left-hand gloves for really wet and sticky when it is
  • Don’t use the glove tee holder – useless
  • Simple tears if used too much

3. Grip Boost Second Skin Glove

Best Golf Glove for Hot Weather

I’m not going to be able to use them much and only when my American friends bring back some for me. Even if they sound like they’re not even there, I take off my gloves and put them on.

Anyone who plays in hot humid weather knows how difficult it is to take off a glove and I sometimes end up pulling them off with my teeth. The Second Skins of Grip Boost fall off really quickly.


  • The Grip Boost Golf Glove has an engineered mesh design that keeps hands cool and dry by reducing the accumulation of moisture in the gloves and facilitating fresh airflow. Heat is expelled by perforated mesh windows on the pointer finger and thumb.
  • Your improved golf glove grip will boost your confidence with a soft feel and total control. The best golf glove that you can purchase. It is reflected in your results when you are positive.
  • A true feeling of second-skin – very relaxed
  • Really slick, straight white lines
  • Superb for hands of average height
  • No ordinary new-glove blisters
  • Often Velcro sticks to the backing mesh – very frustrating.
  • The mesh may be prone to tearing

Best Golf Glove 2021

The best golf gloves 2021 could just be what you need for your next game to be more effective. A glove is just a glove for most of us. But there is no such thing as a glove for professional golfers.

With top-shelf comfort, a perfect fit, excellent grip, outstanding breathability, and longevity, the best golf gloves give you.

Here is the list of best glove 2021

  • Bionic StableGrip Gloves
  • TaylorMade Stratus Sport Golf Glove
  • MG Golf DynaGrip Gloves
  • Callaway X Spann Glove
  • Nike Dura Feel VIII All Weather Men’s Golf Gloves
  • Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove
  • Grip Boost GB Golf Second Skin Men’s Golf Gloves

4. Finger Ten Golf Glove

Best Golf Glove for Hot Weather

High-grade Cabretta leather covers the thumb area, which will keep you well protected while not compromising the flexibility of your thumb.

The back of the glove, which is super breathable, is made of sturdy synthetic leather.

Lycra spandex has been strategically mounted in the finger parts for improved breathability. This is also super versatile, ensuring you can have your fingers free to travel with no glove restrictions.

  • The ball marker on the glove included
  • In main areas, breathability
  • Padded thumb to strengthen grip
  • Lycra spandex for extra flexibility in the fingers
  • The ball marker quickly falls off

Most Durable Golf Glove

Traditional golf gloves are made of leather that gives excellent grip but begins to wear down quickly. In addition, gloves from CaddyDaddy are designed to last. They may be the most robust golf gloves that have ever been made.

The remarkable material is leather. When handled with care, it’s durable, water-resistant, and reasonably smooth.

Leather can only take so much violence, however. Most leather golf gloves begin to crack, shrivel and stain after a few months of being squeezed against abrasive grips.

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