5 Best Golf Driver Shaft for Distance

Best Golf Driver Shaft for Distance

The truth about golf shafts is clear and should be known to any golfer, especially by drivers. Golf club shafts are generally mistaken and often ignored. Now let me remind you what the wrong answer is and why.

No other part of the golf club can do what a right shaft can do with durability. In fact, the best golf driver shaft for distance was made for these forgiving drivers. It is an immense part of what makes golfers at a slower velocity forgiving and appropriate.

Many golfers will opt to use the rigid shaft and the stiff shaft will be much better off on such swings that wind up closer to 100mp.

Best Driver Shaft for 95 Mph Swing Speed

We will try to support you with this decision with this post. When we evaluate the competition we emphasize what we believe is the best available driver shaft and we split them into two categories. Best shafts for those that have lower speeds of swing (75-95 MPH) and best shafts for those that have higher speeds of swing (95+ MPH).

A steep or extra-rigid shaft flex, a mid or high kick-point, less torque, and less total weight shafts are normally used in the profile for short golf swings 95 mi/h. Here are the shafts we decided to be the right shaft driver for you if this profile fits your swing.

1. Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 60g Driver Shaft Stiff Flex

Best Golf Driver Shaft for Distance

For around the last decade or so, Project X has been one of the strongest shaft producers. Pros such as Rory Mcilroy and Phil Mickelson, but they’re something more than a successful publicity effort, have popularized their equipment.

The shafts are really working. In the case of HZRDUS, we find a product that looks attractive and plays very well. This is possibly a subtle way to mean risky. The architecture would encourage trust, while the overall engineering philosophy is fairly intuitive to meet the needs of most players.


  • It is ideal for many swing styles by intuitive engineering.
  • You should trust a trustworthy producer.
  • For the most swing weights, perfectly weighed.
  • I really liked this shaft all around
  • It looks cool, and it gets done
  • It’s intuitive
  • Gorgeous design
  • Intuitive design for different types of swing
  • This is one of the priest shafts on today’s list

2. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft

Best Golf Driver Shaft for Distance

The most famous wood shaft model of Fujikura Golf was redesigned. The shafts of the PRO series are designed with easy to play and fit features. With the new Pro 2.0, golfers gain 14% more torsional rigidity, improving the control of shots and reducing spin.

The Pro 2.0 consists of two models and different settings to match the swing type and preferences of any player. A further efficient charging and energy transfer is provided by the Fujikura Pro 2.0 shafts, ideal for players of every skill level and ability.

This makes the Fujikura shaft incredibly convenient for players to concentrate on optimizing their head speed. The Fujikura shaft creates extraordinary reach.

The shaft is also able to offer a consistent answer to improve confidence and enable you to gain more power and pace off the tee. It is now one of the finest shafts in graphite on the market.

  • Two versions mean that a shaft is made for golfers of all swing styles, and skill levels
  • 14% higher torsional rigidity than former Pro models allows players greater screw control and lower spin speeds
  • This shaft could be less than other deals of stronger materials from players searching for ultimate stability
  • If players have never experienced this before the higher balance point sensation will be tough for them to get used to


Best Golf Driver Shaft for Distance

The RADIX base is the HD design that makes RADIX its class’s most advanced internal structure. In conjunction with the internal structure, RADIX introduces an experimental variable tip-to-butt ratio design. As flex flies lower, the proportional data change by flex – ball volume adjusts for increasingly difficult swinger needs.

The application of the proven HD interior design of the RADIX HD line is beneficial. The basics for RADIX are HD Design, providing RADIX HD with state-of-the-art internal structure technology. This design introduces a new approach to progressive Tip-to-Butt Ratio design alongside the HD internal platform.

This shaft comes with a pre-installed Tour Velvet 360 Grip adapter of your choice. You can switch from your proline shaft seamlessly to the Matrix Radix S LE HD 7 in a fast turn.

4. Graphite Design Tour AD VR 5 Shaft

Best Golf Driver Shaft for Distance

Graphite clubs have been designed to be lightweight and more compact. The players’ key worry is however that the used material is not as long-lasting as concrete. The lightweight construction of graphite clubs allows making a bigger stroke, but the chance of shaft peeling or cracking is still present for you.

The graphite club is between 60 to 70 grammas in weight. The lightweight allows you to get a much smoother swing, considering the low swinging pace.

It leads to creating a force between the golf balls and the iron. The use of graphite clubs allows you to make your shots more precise and more accurate.

5. Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro TX Wood Shaft

Best Golf Driver Shaft for Distance

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange 60 has been designed for high-speed players. You will make the most of your club and get your game to the next level. This top-of-the-line low launch, low spin, and high kick point shaft would love golfers.

This golf shaft of Mitsubishi is most steep at the end and most gentle in the butt. This peculiar contradiction between the ends of the shaft gives it a soft and reliable signature feeling of the clubhead.

  • Materials have more performance than ever before
  • Quite a flexible layout
  • Play ready for an option of grip and tip
  • Unbelievable stability at the maximum velocity
  • Last monitor of fantastic sensation
  • Low start, high kick point shaft, low spin
  • The lightness
  • Costly
  • Broad demo connectivity in retail outlets

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