Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

Are you an intermediate golfer? We have just reviewed the best golf clubs for intermediate players.

Intermediate golfers can have a fantastic day on the links, or they can have around that makes them look like a novice again, and fire the round of their lives.

In order to help them excel, many intermediate golfers choose to buy one full package of everything possible. A full golf kit is a perfect way to go, with all of the improvements in lofts on clubs and hybrids and wedges evolving every year.

1. Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set

Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

You do not know what kind of clubs you really need when you are just starting out with the game of golf. For a full collection of clubs that you will never need, you will pay a lot of money.

On the other hand, you can buy a bare-metal kit, but you can’t find the club you really need. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to achieve a perfect balance.

  • The ironing boards are rather forgiving
  • The putter is really well-positioned
  • Highly cheap collection
  • Comes from a premium supplier
  • No teams superfluous
  • Clubs that are especially helpful for beginners include
  • Not the most resilient clubs
  • No 5 of iron
  • The bag handles are not well made
  • They’re running a little bit short

The patented “Custom fit in a box” device by Wilson has 13 sizing choices to accommodate any player.

Big 460cc Driver Engineered with Super Game Enhancement technology to increase the experience of golfers, 431 stainless steel iron deep, perimeter weighted with a very low center of gravity for better precision and scope.

2. Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

It may be difficult to pick a golf club package for a boy, largely because most golf novices have not seen a discernible style of play.

It can be very difficult to decide what a child should first focus on, where his or her innate strengths reside and what kind of set their game is going to grow.

The problem with the junior club cover market is that some manufacturers try to promote a certain style of the game prematurely in the development of young golfers, instead of creating covers that can provide greater development opportunities.

They feature clubs that in some cases are too technically sophisticated and not satisfactory in others. The Wilson Golf Profile Junior Package, however, strikes a fine balance of generalized quality and complexity of technology.

  • These clubs’ shafts make for a fair degree of versatility.
  • A lot of forgiveness and wood for the driver
  • Instead of wood numbers, the clubs are labeled with what they are actually
  • The length of the driver is about 35 and a quarter inches
  • Comes in left and right-handed directions
  • The grip is a bit thin
  • The bag has no rain cover
  • Club scope is limited
  • No attic degree given

3. Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

Callaway is one of the best brands in golf. Most golfers there want to have a trusted brand, which is used by many professional players.

  • The driver is best for deep, straight shots.
  • High precision iron and stainless steel iron are
  • There is a lot of distance you get from the driver
  • Hybrids save you from trouble and send your shots a high trajectory
  • Both clubs have an extended sweet spot that helps you to mishit your shot and yet get the full reach
  • For those of the slower swingers out there, the driver can be hard to use
  • It takes some time for 3-wood to get accustomed to
  • No wedge of sand in the bag
  • A little bit of a difference between iron and hybrid distances

Three kinds of wood, four irons, one wedge, one putter, and a stand bag come with the Callaway Strata Golf Kit. In order to keep the dings out of your driver and 3-wood, this 12-piece package also has two headcovers. The Callaway Strata covers several bases with the selection of clubs picked for this kit, a very nice start for the beginning golfer in your family.

4. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Set

Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

When stepping on the course for the first time, the PGX package of Pinemeadow Men is what any new golfer wants. All the clubs you need to get started have this 9-piece kit, and they are all high quality.

In addition, the suit is also equipped with impressive 3-Wood, 4-Hybrid, 5-PW Irons, and also provides headgear for your three major clubs. And, if you consider its price is very affordable, then you will have excellent equipment that can be used to start a golf career.

  • This collection is really cheap
  • The package includes all the clubs to play golf you like.
  • Ideal for newbies
  • The clubs look and sound amazing
  • Irons are thinner than any other sets that you get from them
  • Any club has an exceptional flex
  • For the three-wide clubs, you get headcovers
  • More forgiving than any other starter packs, they are
  • After several months, the driver’s shaft can break
  • A different putter would need to be used by pro golfers
  • It doesn’t come with a pack for golf
  • These clubs do not seem like they are going to represent you for a long period of time
  • The heads are all clean, so they’ll easily soak up the stains

Best Golf Clubs for High Handicappers

The best golf club sets for higher handicap players give plenty of support out there to help you shot lower scores and take the game to the next level, as golf club technology has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years.

We looked at some of the best high handicapper golf clubs below, but if you want to include club-specific guides, we still suggest taking a peek at our posts on the best high handicapper golf drivers, the best high handicapper fairway woods, and also the most forgiving iron.

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