Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners

Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners

Summer is here and disc golf courses across the nation are becoming overcrowded. The major sport we call disc golf is being discovered by thousands of new rookies during this annual flock to the courses.

The best driver usually means the one that will travel the farthest for a new disc golfer. It’s all about getting distance. With a slow midrange or putter, beginners rarely want to start.

Even a new disc golfer first looks at the many types of drivers available, they always believe that they can go further with high-speed discs. Experienced disc golfers realize that this is never the case. Other discs are best before a player learns adequate technique.

It should be easy to throw the best disc golf driver for beginners, hit a decent distance, and should be a disc you will use for years to come. Beginner drivers are acceptable for all player levels, so do not underestimate these discs and assume they are for beginners only.

Best Disc Golf Drivers for Intermediate Players

We’ve seen individuals purchasing discs faster than manufacturers can get them manufactured and delivered in this unparalleled year of pandemic, unrest, and shutdowns.

There are already people playing disc golf. What better activity with putting and upshot practice, or maintaining social distance on the course, whether to stay home.

Since people are always playing and purchasing discs, we decided to see what kind of effect our disc selections might have had on the world situation. We will look at the best discs of 2020, broken down by disc form, for the next few weeks. We’ll be looking at the best disc golf drivers of the year 2020 this week.

We counted the number of sales first. It makes sense, that. For the number one disc, the mold that sells the most is definitely a candidate.

Secondly, on the Infinite Discs website, we look at both how you graded the discs and how many ratings you have made for the top drivers to date. A high rating translates into a desirable disc and a lot of reviews.

And finally, when the question is posed, we will consider what you say to our blog readers and social media followers What do you think is the best disc golf driver?

A lot of so-called “experts” in disc golf say that when you are new, it’s best to just throw putters and midrange discs. With this feeling, I disagree.

The truth is, by throwing further, you’ll have more fun, and getting the right care, in the right plastic, and at the right weight will make it possible for you to throw further and have more fun.

You would want a number of different disc styles with distinct flight patterns and characteristics to completely appreciate disc golf and the spectacular flight of frisbee golf discs.

I myself was once a novice who checked hundreds of disc golf discs and introduced about a hundred different new players to this great game since then.

1. DiscraftBuzzz Elite Z Golf Disc

Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners

The DiscraftBuzzz Elite Z Golf Disc could be a great option for you if you are looking for the best mid-range discs for beginners.

Due to its flexibility and intricacy of design, I actually recommend this disc for all ability levels. I like this disc’s accuracy. This disc will always fly accurately towards the target, whatever the weather conditions are.

There are an unbelievable flat top and a thin rim on this mid-range disc. The scale is just enough for your hands to blend in perfectly. Thanks to the buzz, even if you don’t have a strong drive, you can still lock-in at par.

With very little rounding curve, the DiscraftBuzzz has a completely smooth top and flat external sides. For both forehand and backhand throws, I find this form very comfortable. The Buzzz’s flat top helps make it one of the most reliable midrange disc launches, particularly for sidearm shots. With both grips, this disc has a smooth, reliable release and a nice feel. This results, of course, in a steady shot that typically results in some consistent and fantastic precision.

  • Recommended for any degree of skill
  • Provides the highest precision under all situations
  • Flat top smoothly
  • It has a real direction of travel
  • It flies very consistently, very consistently
  • The disc is excellent for beginners
  • It is a mid-range disc that is very stable
  • The protectors of the screen are weak
  • With corners, it does not work
  • For brand new teams, not the greatest disc

2. Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc

Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners

For those who want to have a straight flyer with a slight fade, this disc is certainly an ideal option. Its velocity and glide provide additional distance. Since you can treat this as an option, you’d want to know that depending on how you would use it, this disc could do dead straight shots and smooth hyzer shots.

It is easy to handle, so beginners and experts alike will have a shot at using it effectively when perfecting disc throwing techniques. Although several technical shots will be needed, this disc will react the way you want it to.

Due to its limited fade and easy-to-throw reliable flight, the Innova Leopard Golf Disc is a component of most Innova disc golf disc starter kits. The DX Leopard will possibly be thrown as far as any other disc by beginners and those who are just starting out, making it the best Innova disc for beginners.

The Innova Leopard is a straight-flying, easy-to-throw driver for backhand throws, a perfect option for beginners to boost your game and reduce your scores. The Leopard is available in a number of various kinds of plastic. I would recommend it in DX plastic if you’re looking for a disc that’s ultra-cheap. I’d suggest the GStar plastic blend if you want a disc that still feels good and will last for years.

  • Best driver for Straight Line
  • Pleasant to beginners
  • Highly useful with long straight shots and turnover shots
  • Accessible in the broadest range of plastics and weights
  • A certain color (green) makes it difficult to trace them
  • When thrown higher, it appears to fade

3. Innova – Champion Discs DX TeeBird Golf

Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners

If you are searching for an overstable driver for a straight fairway, the InnovaTeeBird Golf Disc needs to be considered. Multiple pros have used it to win various world titles. Therefore, it is fair to assume that the disc is the experts’ option.

The TeeBird is very overstable, meaning the disc can fly dead straight with plenty of fades as it starts to slow down when thrown flat. Although this is not the best disc for backhand throws for beginners, it’s adequate but works well for forehand shots.

  • Precise Fairway Drives
  • Offerable in various plastic materials
  • Excellent for pin-point precision. Highly accurate
  • For beginners, not the farthest flight disc

4. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst EMAC Truth

Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners

This mid-range disc’s flexible and neutral flight will certainly remind you of the essence of disc golf: tossing the disc where you want it to go. Surely, this operation will please you. In addition to this, there are other things that you can look for in this unique golf disc.

This mid-range disc, for example, is secure, enabling it to do what you tell it to do. Without it turning poorly, you might actually flick this disc. It also feels amazing to use because it can travel smooth and straight.

There is no need for you to search for others because beginners are already doing well. One of my favorite midrange discs has always been the Dynamic Discs Prime Burst EMAC Fact.

  • Made of high-grade plastic from Prime Burst
  • It gives the hand a wonderful feeling
  • For upshot drives, a very reliable
  • It offers an excellent grip for lightweight throws
  • This offers longer flights while reaching a great distance
  • For anyone, beginners and professionals, an ideal midrange disc
  • When thrown with little arm strength, it can often bear left so hard
  • The plastic from Prime is not very durable

5. Viking Discs

Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners

Even when tough cold and wet weather conditions take over the tournament, this Viking Discs Rune is all about the exceptional grip that delivers superb results.

The Rune form has a flat top and it is also comfortable in the hand. It exhibits a predictable, steady flight in terms of efficiency. It goes straight and wraps the flight with a slowing putter fade that is predictable.

I also think the glide rating is true to its value, which explains its reliable placement and approach shot results. It is fair to claim, with its steady flight, that it is one of the best driving putters I’ve tried.

  • It consists of a grippy plastic that gives a tacky feeling
  • It is a reliable putter that drives
  • It performs and fades with a predictable flight and
  • It provides a precise glide
  • Ideal for beginners option
  • Authorized by PDGA
  • A little flimsy, the plastic feels
  • When thrown with lots of force, it tends to turn over quickly

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