Best Cheap Golf Balls

Are you a golfer? If yes, then what do you need the most? Golf skills, golf irons, and of course, high-quality best cheap golf balls to play this most sophisticated spot in the best and most professional way.

Best Cheap Golf Balls

Top Pick

Vice Golf Tour White

Runner – Up

Taylormade Project

Best Value

Vice PRO Soft

When you talk about golf balls, then you can come across a huge variety and will have to choose something that suits your playing scenario, the type of golfer and seasons you play in.

You will also find different brands selling great quality balls for mature and amateur players.

Best Cheap Golf Balls 2022

Vice Golf Tour WhiteVice Golf Tour WhiteLow, as well as assisting in achieving greater distances
The color white is resistant to tarnishing
Taylormade ProjectTaylormade Project Budgeted ball
Great for beginners
Ball for drivers
Titleist’s AVX Ball – 3. Titleist PRO V1 – Best Golf Ball For Class Performance
Titleist PRO V1Extraordinary Distance & Consistent Flight
Very Low Long Game Spin
Penetrating Trajectory
Titleist’s AVX Ball – Taylormade TP5X – Best Golf Ball for Low HandicappersTaylormade TP5XHot favorite ball
Dual covering for perfect shots
Competitive with more clubs
Titleist’s AVX Ball – Vice PRO Soft – Best Golf Ball For Juniors & Pro PlayersVice PRO SoftIs great for optimal flight.
Great value against the price.
Good for intermediate and high handicappers
Nitro Long Distance Peak Golf BallsNitro Long Distance Peak Golf BallsMaintains a minimum level of spin
Increases the overall durability of the product
Srixon Soft Feel Golf BallsSrixon Soft Feel Golf BallsIn terms of aerodynamics
Maintains a minimum of spin and maximizes ball speed
Callaway Warbird Golf BallsCallaway Warbird Golf BallsA long way away
Softness and texture in the middle
Around the green, use a moderate spin and feel
Callaway Supersoft Golf BallsCallaway Supersoft Golf BallsCompression is low
A golf ball that is extremely soft
It is the most popular product of the brand

Let’s put some light on the most popular golf balls of this year. The detailed explanation will help you choose the right ball that suits your expectations and skills.

Vice Golf Tour WhiteEveryone392
TAYLORMADE PROJECTBeginner to intermediate342
TITLEIST PRO V1everyone352
Vice Pro SoftBeginners to intermediate336
Nitro Distance Peak Golf BallsSub15330
Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ballseveryone338
Callaway Warbird Golf BallsEveryone326
Callaway Supersoft Golf BallsLow swing golfers332

1. Vice Golf Tour White – Best Golf Ball For Mid Handicappers

The Pro Plus, according to the Vice golf ball review, is ideal for all long-distance shots. The 336 dimple pattern, as well as the dual casing, give the player excellent ball control. Short shots will have a lot of spins, while long shots will have a lot of backspin.

The Tour Vice ball is made up of three pieces. A DuPont Surlyn cover made of sophisticated ethylene copolymers protects it. The balls’ durability is enhanced by the cover. The DuPont material has a hard plastic appearance yet is extremely soft to the touch.

The 392 aerodynamic dimples on the ball ensure that the golfer can achieve the highest level of precision from his or her shot. The amount of dimples on the Tour has increased dramatically because of Vice.

Furthermore, when the weather is windy, the new S2TG contemporary technology stops the ball dead on the ground and prevents it from going in the opposite direction.

Because the ball compression scores are on the low side, you’ll have to put in a little extra effort in your swing to extend the distance. Professionals and junior-level players should not have any issues with this, but novices may have issues.

  • Low, as well as assisting in achieving greater distances
  • Short shots require a smooth substance with a high spin
  • Durable
  • The color white is resistant to tarnishing
  • Ball compression ratings are low

2. Taylormade Project – Best Golf Balls For All-Around Performance

Taylormade Project Ball Review - Best Cheap Golf Balls

According to TaylorMade, this ball has a soft feel that comes without high speed. If you will buy this ball, then you can enjoy and experience the driver spin of low level and can cover driver distance of substantial level.

The ball can efficiently maintain speed. The ore has the quality of covering dual distance and that maintains its soft feeling. The ball has a soft and nice feel that is due to its soft polymer outer core.

  • Minimum drag increases the distance
  • Aerodynamic ionomer cover
  • Budgeted ball
  • Great for beginners
  • Ball for drivers
  • Value-added ball
  • N/A

3. Titleist PRO V1 – Best Golf Ball For Class Performance

Titleist PRO V1 Ball Review - Best Cheap Golf Balls

This ball is known for covering the best distance. It will not be wrong to say that this ball is the best golf ball that is loved by professional golfers across the globe.

It does not only facilitate professional golfers but it also suitable to be used by non-professional golfers.

The design and technology incorporated in the manufacturing of this ball are a perfect blend for having good control on the short game. Use this ball without fearing to sacrifice.

  • Extraordinary Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Very Low Long Game Spin
  • Penetrating Trajectory
  • Weak game control

4. Taylormade TP5X – Best Golf Ball for Low Handicappers

Taylormade TP5X Ball Review - Best Cheap Golf Balls

This ball is being popularly used by celebrities. It is reported that former famous golf celebrity Rory Mcllroy has also played golf with this ball for many years.

The manufacturer has made this ball by using 5 layers. No matter which club you have in your golf bag, these balls will fit any type of club you have.

It is by far one of the favorite ball types. The core is very strong which helps in supplying the compression of progressive nature. The golfer can hit the ball with full energy.

There is a lot of spin on the ball but that even makes it great as it is considered to be the best alternative to Titleist Pro V1.

  • Hot favorite ball
  • Dual covering for perfect shots
  • Competitive with more clubs
  • Little pricey

5. Vice PRO Soft – Best Golf Ball For Juniors & Pro Players

Vice PRO Soft Ball Review - Best Cheap Golf Balls

If you will buy this ball, then you will get 12 balls in one pack. Each ball consists of 336 dimples. This is a great ball for golfers of all calibers.

Beginners to intermediate, everyone can be quite comfortable playing with Pro Soft.

You will find them in three lovely colors including lime, white and red. Those who are habitual and skilled enough to swing at medium to very fast speed, they shall definitely use these balls.

These are well-optimized balls for mature and amateur players. These are premium balls available at quite a reasonable price.

If you compare the specifications of Pro Softballs with high-end brands, then you will find quite a similarity between them but the price is very reasonable.

According to Vice, Pro Soft is the only matte-finished ball available anywhere in the world. And this has happened because of the silicate particles. They are added in lacquer and this adds anti-glare effect to the ball which lets the golfers address the ball comfortably.

When the ball is on the ground of the sky, its visibility is very high. This feature is one of the main reasons of this ball’s extreme popularity and high demand.

  • Is great for optimal flight.
  • Great value against the price.
  • Good for intermediate and high handicappers.
  • Low compression balls are not suitable for all type of golfers.

6. Nitro Long Distance Peak Golf Balls – Best Value 3-Piece Golf Ball

The trouble with most golf balls is that they all have the same flaw. They do a lot of spinning. They don’t cover a huge deal of ground for this. Nitro’s Ultimate Distance flips the script. It reduces spinning time while traversing a wide range of distances thanks to the Super-Reactive Titanium Core.

This superior build allows you to focus your club’s energy on the ball and propel it forward quickly. Furthermore, Nitro has rendered it virtually indestructible. You’ll get the durability you need thanks to the Lithium Surlyn cover.

A large part of the credit goes to the ball’s high compression feature, which gives it a better flight and allows it to travel further.

Furthermore, this item is UGCA accredited. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, this golf ball will meet your needs in every manner.

On the other side, the wind-cheating flying stability will keep the ball in the air for a long time. The creators made the dimple design more aerodynamic and symmetrical in order to push it to a new spot.

They’ve added two pros to the team this way. It has done two things: first, it has enhanced lift, and second, it has reduced drag.

  • Maintains a minimum level of spin
  • Increases the overall durability of the product
  • Keeps the drag to a minimum
  • Maintains the optimum level of compression
  • For exceptional experts, this is not the greatest option

7. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls – Best Golf Ball For Mid-to-Low Handicappers

A poor choice of balls, no matter how good your hit is, can still cause you to lose ground on the course. If you don’t want it to happen, choose a golf ball that is great in terms of feel, spin, and every other aspect, such as the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball.

Srixon created this one with Energetic Gradient-Growth Core to really honor the name. It will give you the sensation you need to enhance the speed of the ball. So, if you’re looking for a remote location, this one will bring you there quickly.

The ball is softer and more responsive thanks to its low compression rate (60) and two-piece construction. These Srixon balls will forgive your errant shots, straighten your ball flight, and make it easier for you to hit the target.

Each ball has 338-speed dimples that help the ball get a high launch on every club by reducing drag. With these, you can achieve the distance and greenside spin you need even if your swing speed is slow.

  • In terms of aerodynamics
  • Maintains a minimum of spin and maximizes ball speed
  • The compression level is reduced overall
  • Scuffs are easy to get on thin coverings

8. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls – Best Golf Ball For Practice

These two-piece golf balls include ionomer coverings and two-piece construction. The exterior shell, on the other hand, is thinner than the previous Warbird model. This advancement will allow the ball to be softer, more sensitive, and travel further.

The 2022 Warbird ball has a bigger core that is composed of high-performance material. It has the ability to absorb more energy in order to transfer at the rates you require. The compression core has a value of 90. This rate is high in order for the ball to get a greater distance.

If you’re looking to gain some extra yardage in your shots, the Callaway Warbird is a great option. It’s a winner in the distance ball category.

Expect to spin this baby back, but it isn’t designed for a low handicapper, so control around the greens isn’t the main goal.

All of these factors worked together to provide the extra potential distance for each shot. The thin, durable, and responsive coat adds to the feel of the tee as well. You will be happy with the results that these balls may provide.

Furthermore, the vibrant colors and side stamps with the ball’s name aid in both putting alignment and ball flight management.

  • A long way away
  • Softness and texture in the middle.
  • Around the green, use a moderate spin and feel.
  • Great for short games and easy to find on courses and in the skies.
  • None

9. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls – Best Low Compression Golf Balls 2022

If you’re seeking a high-performance all-around golf ball that’s also inexpensive, look no further. With its soft matte feel, low compression, and lower spine, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is a dream come true for players with ordinary to slow swings.

The ball gives you both distance and control over your shots. It is especially advised for elderly golfers and women who have a slower ball speed and a mid-to-high handicap.

The ball has passed average driving distance tests and can travel up to 245 yards. The ball includes a two-piece cover made of a Trionomer combination that resists tearing and scuffing.

When it comes into touch with the clubface, the core is comprised of high-resolution polybutadiene, which emits a lot of energy. To cut through the air and reduce drag, the 332 dimples are arranged in a hexagonal configuration.

The ball is made for players who have a clubhead speed of fewer than 90 miles per hour. Golfers will have a field day launching the ball high and still gaining a good distance. It’s suitable for both intermediate and tee strokes.

  • Compression is low
  • A golf ball that is extremely soft
  • It is the most popular product of the brand
  • Limited color option

Buyers Guide:

Best Golf Balls for Beginners buying process and excitement!

If you are a newbie in this field, then you must be quite confused while buying the best golf balls for beginners. It can only be a daunting task only if you are unaware of the types and qualities of golf balls.

Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers’ selection

If you are a high handicapper and are going to buy golf balls for yourself, then the first thing to consider is to check out the squidge.

This may not sound very professional, but the difference between the hardness and softness of the golf balls can really make a lot of difference.

If you will buy a hardball, then it is going to provide the highest level of resilience to all your impacts. That definitely means that the power will be retained for longer shots.

Such balls do not only enhance power but in case any error is made, then it is going to be more pronounced.

On the other hand, softballs are always better and supportive for the club but of course, in this case, you have to compromise on power.

Technically, hard balls are referred to as high spin and softballs as low spin.

High handicappers have more leverage. They can choose either of these two extremes or can also choose something falling in between these extremes.

Best Golf Balls 2022

Before enlisting some of the popular golf balls 2022, it is important for you to understand one more thing.

Golf balls have layers and dimples. If you want the best of power, then go must go with the ball with a one-piece ball which has one layer.

Such balls are also great for extended range.

Best Golf Ball For 10 Handicap

Those who are pro golfers and do not want to compromise on power, forging, and range, they must choose single-layered golf balls.

Experienced and skilled golfers can enjoy the maximum benefit and advantage of high spin balls as these balls are made to provide extreme power.

Now let’s talk about the role of dimples on the balls. If you want the ball to create a minimum level of the dragnet and want it to travel longer, then go with the ball with fewer dimples.

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