Author: Mark Morrinson

  • Justin Thomas Biography

    Justin Thomas Biography

    American professional golfer Justin Louis Thomas has been competing on the PGA Tour since 2015 and has a winning record. His victory in the 2017 PGA Championship is his most well-known accomplishment. He also held the title of the best golfer in the world for the twenty-first time. Thomas is a professional golfer who travels … Read more

  • Brian Harman Biography

    Brian Harman Biography

    A two-time PGA Tour champion, the 35-year-old is presently placed 136th in the Official World Golf Rankings. Harman has also established himself as one of the most reliable players in professional golf over the course of his career. So, in order to tell you about Brian’s early childhood to his current job, we at golf … Read more

  • Ryan Palmer Biography

    Ryan Palmer Biography

    On September 19, 1976, Rayan Hunter Palmer was born in Amarillo, Texas. Rayan is 45 years old as of right now. Rayan is an American and a member of the White ethnicity, according to their nationality. He was conceived by his parents, Gloria Palmer and Butch Palmer. He has therefore kept his parents’ financial situations … Read more

  • How Wide is a Golf Cart?

    How Wide is a Golf Cart?

    When purchasing a golf cart, you should be fully aware of all the specifications, including the golf cart dimensions. Knowing your golf cart’s measurements can be useful for a variety of things, like purchasing seat covers and doing maintenance. One of the finest feels is when you first start your golf cart on the course. … Read more

  • What Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA

    What Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA

    By buying American-made clubs, many golfers hope to boost the nation’s economy. However, it can be difficult to find clubs that are authentically American-made. Let’s examine some of the methods used to create golf clubs and see whether any American companies are still producing clubs in this country. Ping is the only significant golf club … Read more

  • Who Makes Top Flite Golf Balls

    Who Makes Top Flite Golf Balls

    Looking into the history of Top Flite golf balls finds that the business was founded in 1971 when it launched the first golf ball with the Top Flite trademark while operating under the Spalding name. The first two-piece and multi-layered golf balls ever made were introduced by Top Flite. Callaway gained access to Top Flite’s … Read more

  • Best PXG Irons for Beginners

    Best PXG Irons for Beginners

    There are a few factors to bear in mind while selecting the best PXG irons for beginners. First and foremost, make certain that you understand the concept of irons. If you’re unfamiliar with them, take a look at our golf beginner’s guide before making your purchase. After you’ve figured out how iron functions and what … Read more

  • Best Vessel Golf Bag

    Best Vessel Golf Bag

    Vessel golf bags can be seen on golf tours all around the world, including the PGA Tour, where big stars like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth compete. Some people may not realize that Vessel makes a full line of golf bags to suit the demands of every golfer, regardless of how they play. If you … Read more

  • Genesis Scottish Open 2022

    Genesis Scottish Open 2022

    In July 2022, the Scottish Open will be renamed the Genesis Scottish Open. The famous tournament is one of the last chances for golfers to qualify for The Open Championship. The tournament was last held in 2021 at the Renaissance Golf Club, which is located 40 minutes east of Edinburgh, along the famous East Lothian … Read more

  • 7 Best Indoor Golf Balls

    7 Best Indoor Golf Balls

    If you didn’t get the opportunity to take on several lands or to get a house next to a golf course then you’re the only way you can boost golf shots by getting a few practice golf balls. Golf balls for practice in a narrow area like home or backyard. Golf Balls are typically made … Read more