Your putting stroke at home is the best place to work. And while your carpet or hardwood floors are a fine surface, they are not the perfect place for your floor.

There is a variety to pick, like greens inside and outside, fun putting games, and matting with modification helps to ensure that this stroke is genuinely effective for a smoother roll.

On many at-home best indoor putting mat greens, you can also pick your green speeds to mimic more realistic action. Although the matting has easily sold out, we have rounded off the best practice greens currently in storage and available for ships.

Best Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

It is definitely a wonderful idea to be able to practice putting at any time of day without having to go on the golf course.

Portable greens will make you feel like that. In addition, many golfers enjoy having a ball feature that immediately returns the balls to you without taking them out of the cup.

1. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

Best Indoor Putting Mat Golf Digest

Will it not just be nice to see your front door on a golf course? You could go to the green and train all day, and become a professional in one of the most challenging areas of the sport.

Sadly, it’s just not a practical possibility for any of us, but you needn’t think too much. That’s why it could be the right product for you if you’re looking for some indoor practice.

An integrated plastic wedge produces a tilt to the location of the cup. The steep slope helps to practice your stroke. It emulates the actual environments such that when you take part on a real golf course, it doesn’t feel any different.

  • Built from products of consistency
  • Efficient in price
  • Ball Return Incorporated
  • True surface rolling
  • Simple to mount
  • Dice in the mat because of wrapping
  • The ball is often caught in the return
  • The steep slope can often start the ball

2. Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green

Best Indoor Putting Mat Golf Digest

There are also a lot of Abco items for the use of greens and we will look at the Grassroots Mat. It measures 16.25 inches in width at 9 feet high.

This makes it suitable for places such as a hall or even a workshop that is long and small. It is very compact and folds up and packed quickly. The mat is made from synthetic PP turf, which imitates natural grass.

The two cups of different measuring sizes are available to maximize output measurement and help you work on different aspects. At 4.25 centimeters in diameter, the first cup measures the regular cup size used in golf courses.

The second cup is smaller and checks your putting skills at the end of a marked line. This helps you balance yourself and automatically gives you guidance when you can hold the ball straight.

  • Lasting pad
  • Broad line of alignment, some cup positions smaller than normal sizes
  • Two cups of varying size
  • Three free golf balls and a small cup flag are included
  • Tug-free and long-lasting, compact and durable
  • No genuine backstop
  • Too tight for others
  • Pricier than most models similar to

3. PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat 

Best Indoor Putting Mat Golf Digest

Putting sleeves are very basic accessories on the surface. After all, most of them just have the impression of being green like a rocker on the concrete. But not all the packing sleeves are alike and certain technical features will vary between themselves.

The golf Puttout Pro Mat is just less than 8 feet tall. It is short enough not to take up property in your indoor areas but long enough to make successful usage. The backrest is hard plastic so that it can roll flat any time on the deck.

  • Comes with a comfortable case
  • Roll out of the box flat
  • Can be used in “flat” golf courses
  • Duration is high
  • Comes in grey or green
  • Don’t have a hole
  • In fact, only medium speed green practice is possible
  • If you buy a different accessory, all five drills cannot be used
  • Small breadth

4. Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat

Best Indoor Putting Mat Golf Digest

This putter pad will help you get the mat to the next level, thus encouraging you to take the mat itself anywhere you like. With a surface built to feel like the real thing. Excellent for workplaces or homes in which there is simply not adequate space to reliably allocate a mat.

This robust, lightweight mat comes with its own competent carting case and is the perfect thing any golfer wants who is on the go daily.

This model does not have related versions of practicing golf balls. There is also no return feature and a higher uphill pitch close to the end in which the trousers adjust the role of the pitch.

  • Portability is convenient and convenient to use
  • Many holes for angles change
  • Alignment of Angle Helps
  • None

5. JEF World of Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat

Best Indoor Putting Mat Golf Digest

The artificial grass rehearsal pad is fascinating and can be used inside or outdoors, according to your needs. For what it has to give and for good cause, golf players love this mat.

It replicates natural grass across the surface of artificial turf and does not regulate ball speed or course. But several guests complained the top was too steep, so it’s hard for the ball to get to the hole.

It’s time to look at the Deluxe Putting Mat of the JEF World of Golf Threat. This green relies on the exact simulation of what a natural golf course looks like.

The commodity also includes non-directional turf, a bunker, and a water hazard, to represent a positioning condition more specifically. These features also boost precision.

  • Sloping ramp
  • A good process for a ball returns
  • The scale of hole cup regulation
  • The economic spectrum of rates.
  • Automatically the golf ball returns
  • It’s very small and thus not very stable.
  • Return channel The ball is difficult to detach from

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